Brain surgery Brain diseases causes and methods of treatment

Scientists and doctors in our day have reached a large and advanced stage in surgical operations and medicine in general, even with the techniques used and surgical tools in the operating room with the multitude of types of treatments, especially in brain surgeries, whose mere mention of its name would cause a state of terror Today, thanks to modern medicine, tools and modern advanced technologies, the most dangerous surgeries and brain operations are simple, easy and safe, and this is what made them have a great and positive impact on the life of the patient, so he accepted treatment and surgery without hesitation with courage and self-confidence. Confident in recovery and full of hope without succumbing to disease and the status quo, until the development of medicine and surgeries had an impact with the doctor and surgeon specializing in brain surgeries from ease in dealing with the patient psychologically and comfort in conducting brain surgery or other operations with Ease of use of surgical tools and techniques such as robotic technology and others.

First of all, we will know the extent of the importance of the brain in the human body, as it is considered the main organ of the nervous system, and one of its most important tasks is collecting information, analyzing it, managing body parts in a person, and distinguishing with the control of the senses, which is speech with hearing and taste with smell and vision in addition to the ability to think, Any disease or disorder that affects the brain may be very dangerous for the above tasks, so that its injury may lead to brain damage, depending on the affected area and the brain diseases. We will mention the most important diseases and may be in the form of cancer either (benign cancer or malignant cancer) and we will know Serious tumors in brain diseases and the difference between a benign tumor and a malignant tumor with the reasons that may increase the chances of developing tumors in the brain other than injuries.
First: Some of the most important types of brain diseases:
(Meningitis, encephalitis, and brain abscess), and there are also stroke, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, diseases that may affect the spine, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's, as well as hepatic encephalopathy and cerebral palsy that may affect the face and migraine, a fracture of the brain Caused by an accident, with rabies, tuberculous meningitis, incontinence and neuropathy, microcephaly, enlargement of the head, leakage of cerebrospinal fluid, disturbances in taste and smell, headache, various seizures, quadriplegia, paraplegia, hemiplegia, edema Cerebral, sclerotic hypotension, and thus we have mentioned more and the most important brain diseases that may occur and we will talk about some tumors and what tumors are from benign and malignant tumors, but we will say about tumors in general that they have become easy to treat in the event of early detection I have the patient.
Second: Serious brain diseases, tumors:
Where it forms a group of small cells that initially grow slowly inside the patient’s body and then form a large mass and can be detected when certain symptoms are felt and early detection by the doctor who specializes in tumor surgery and have two types during growth: flat grows from surrounding tissues and the second hangs On the leg and most importantly, some of the benign tumors are benign and do not turn into malignant tumors (malignant tumors) and the wonderful feature in the development of modern medicine in brain surgery in particular is that with malignant tumors, a specialist doctor or surgeon can treat or remove malignant tumors from the body The patient and 100%, and this is what gave a new life full of hope to the disease with serious brain diseases.
Third: the difference in malignant and benign tumors:
It is the treatment of benign tumors without surgery and the treatment of malignant tumors, which are seen through the microscope by the specialist doctor, and there are benign tumors that cannot be cured, and there are malignant tumors that can be completely cured through correct treatment, and the tumor (cancer) is determined. Whether it is benign or malignant, and the method of treating tumors is provided by a doctor who specializes in treating malignant and benign tumors.
Fourth: Reasons that may increase the risk and occurrence of tumors in the brain in the human body are:
1- Drinking alcohol and drugs.
2- Smoking.
3- Great exposure under the sun.
4- heredity.
5- Primary viruses that develop into tumors (cancer).

And we have previously mentioned the extent of development of medicine in general and in particular in brain surgery medicine at the level of the types used in treatments and operations in case the diseases or diseases are cancerous (benign or malignant) with the development of techniques and the multiplicity of methods up to a specific stage and a specific type in Brain diseases, the surgeon may specify that the patient during the surgery should be awake and where it is called (awake surgery) and it may be when treating epilepsy or others, and here the surgeon who specializes in brain surgery has asked questions to the patient during the surgical work and monitors his activity The cerebral and its reactions to help the specialist surgeon in ensuring that the correct area of ​​the brain that affects the patient is treated, and if the brain surgery is during awake to remove a tumor, then the surgeon who specializes in malignant and benign tumors must completely remove the tumor and may need The doctor after surgery resorting to other treatments to ensure complete cure, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, in order to remove any remaining parts of the tumor, as the surgeon and specialist in treating tumors depends if they are benign tumors or malignant tumors of their type And the extent of its size, the location in it in the brain, and the general health status of the patient.

As a result of the advanced and modern technology developed by scientists and which has reached it in particular medicine, the field of brain surgery has witnessed a quantum leap and great with surgery and amazing and great results, especially with the methods used in it and the modern tools used until the development of medicines as well, this is a medical and technological revolution changing towards the impact The positive in a person’s life is significantly and noticeable, and even in some brain surgeries, the patient accepts it with joy, pleasure and courage, as it restores confidence, joy and pleasure, such as operations to remove a cancerous tumor that causes problems in the brain that may affect and pose a threat to his life In addition to the development of tools that are used in surgery, which have become more resistant to pollution and infections, with the new robot technology.

But it is always advisable when embarking on brain surgery or removing tumors if they are malignant or benign tumors, check with the medical center and its reputation if it precedes it with a discussion with the specialist doctor about the results and the quality of treatment and make sure of the experience of the specialist surgeon and the development of the tools used and modern technologies With medical staff such as our Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul - Turkey.

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