Cancer disease, cure rates, and causes

We had previously talked about neoplastic diseases (cancer) that may affect humans, symptoms, ways to prevent them, how to treat them, and when to resort to surgery, as with the advancement of medicine and science and with the passage of time, new tumors and diseases are produced and We will mention the most important and most common tumors, noting that cancerous diseases may come in two forms (benign tumor - malignant tumor) and we have explained in previous articles, as tumors are in the form of a small group of cells and begin to grow for many factors and causes inside the patient human body And among them is a benign tumor that cannot turn into a malignant tumor, and one of them is cancer (a malignant tumor), and the good news is that scientists and doctors have arrived to treat both types, regardless of their type, and get rid of them completely and with successful operations rates.

And among the most common tumors:
But we will talk about it into two parts:
First: The most common tumors in men are:
1- Lung tumor, and its rate ranges between (12 to 14) percent in men, and the most important factor is smoking.
2- Colon tumor or rectal tumor, and its percentage ranges from (11 to 12) percent, and some of its factors include obesity and unhealthy habits that a person practices, and some diseases that may negatively affect the colon wall.
3- Bladder tumor or cancer.
4- Prostate tumor or cancer, which we have talked about previously, how are the methods of treatment, prevention, and symptoms.
Second: The most common tumors in women are:
1- Breast tumor, or as it is known (breast cancer), at a rate of 37%.
2- Colon tumor or colon cancer, but at a lighter rate than men, which is 10 percent.
3- Lymphoma or lymphoma.
4- Uterine cancer, by 4 percent.
And from here it is necessary to know that a healthy person must perform all the early detection period to discover tumors in their early stages and to cure non-advanced stages of the disease.

And among the most important causes of tumor (cancer) are:
1- It may be hereditary, but it does not exceed 3 percent.
2- A genetic defect or (genetic predisposition).
3- Environmental factors.
4- Wrong daily habits such as (lack of exercise, obesity, ready food, smoking, drinking alcohol).
5- Exposure to radiation.
6- Chemical carcinogens.
We had previously talked about the symptoms, but we will mention the types of treatments that may be one or more of these following options:
Radiation therapy.
Chemotherapy .
Targeted therapy.
Hormone therapy.
Stem cell transplant.
Precision Medicine.

What are the cure rates of tumors and what is the scientific progress in the field of tumor treatment:
When it comes to the rate of cure of oncological diseases, we say in the beginning and despite the development of science and modern medicine and the techniques used and developed that this matter is related to divine providence and then that the success rate can be determined according to the type of tumor and the stage it reached and its early detection and According to the tissues, genetic factors, factors related to the patient himself and the method of treatment, this is undoubtedly that upon early detection of a tumor or malignant cancer a great role in achieving a high success rate, but the condition for early detection of it, and we can say that it has reached more than 80% and in Other cases have a high cure rate of 100%.

And the level of treatment in Turkey, especially in malignant or benign tumor diseases (cancer) is very high, especially with the advancement of scientific techniques and treatment and the development of medicine in it, as it worked to develop many different treatments in oncological diseases and compete globally with many developed countries In terms of scientific and medical progress in stem cell transplantation (quality in treatment and number of patients), it has become known as a country of medical tourism and its prices are competitive and reach less than the average cost of any medical surgery in the world.

Finally, we say before embarking on treatment for tumor disease (cancer) to verify the reputation of the medical center or hospital and verify the medical staff and the experience of doctors present in the center, such as our Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul - Turkey.

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