Infertility in men and women Its causes and treatment of its psychological effects

Many newlyweds or newlyweds are surprised with the passage of time and their desire to make the decision to have children, that there are some problems and the inability to conceive or problems in one of the spouses that lead to sterility, except that the psychological state of the spouses plays a large role in the infertility and also The severity of fertility dependence may affect hormones and may prevent childbearing, and this also may cause some embarrassment and it is worth noting that with the development of medicine and science, infertility treatment problems have become easy to solve from the availability of treatments or other procedures or even IVF operations have become easy operations And the successful ones in the field of infertility treatment or the IVF process, and to move away from the suffering caused by the infertility disease for spouses and to know the causes and symptoms, we will mention some of them and ways to overcome them.

What are the causes of male infertility?
In most cases, the occurrence of infertility comes at an early age (young age) because childhood in the life course is exposed to future problems, including:
1- Accidental hit while playing sports.
2- A high temperature, chronic illness or virus.
3- Excessive weight, smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages, in addition to wearing tight clothes.
4- Chemical drugs.
5- Enlargement of the blood vessels around the testicle (leads to a disorder).
6- Weak sperm.
7- Family history (by heredity).

What are the causes of female infertility?
The previously mentioned reasons for the man are also important in addition to the problems with ovulation or the uterus may also be caused by the contraceptive pills taken in an irregular manner or congenital problems in the uterine cavity and even late age and old age, in addition to her hormones, and there is a very common problem and It is the ovarian cyst and delayed period has an important role as well.

And here it is customary for doctors who specialize in treating infertility and knowing the causes, and for every applicant to IVF operations, to come to the doctor's office, both spouses at the beginning when treatment or initial examination, in order to determine the problems of both spouses.

Also mention the symptoms of infertility?
But we would like to note that many people do not know that they have infertility or need to treat infertility until after marriage, and among these symptoms:
1- Problems during sexual intercourse (erectile dysfunction, ejaculation, or low semen).
2- Difficulty in smelling and frequent respiratory infections.
3- Swelling, redness, or even pain in the testicle or near the testicle.
4- Abnormal breast growth.
5- Irregular menstruation in women.
And here we have mentioned some important symptoms of infertility, and other symptoms may come that are not clearly noticeable or differ from person to person.

How does a person know that he is sterile or infertile?
Through visiting the specialist doctor most often in the absence of something noticeable in the clinical examination, knowledge is through laboratory tests by taking a sample of semen, where the amount of fluid and the number of animals are measured with the percentage of hormones, and some doctors may resort to a testicular biopsy, and when the woman is not She is considered sterile until one year after marriage without using any contraceptive methods.

In the past, the woman was always responsible for infertility or infertility, and she was the one who bore the psychological burdens that afflicted her from pain and guilt, but with the development of medicine with the knowledge and modern techniques used, it became easy to identify, solve and treat the problem of infertility where there is Many methods have become available to treat the problem of infertility through drugs and hormonal treatments in addition to surgery, and as technologies developed until they reached other techniques that assist in reproduction, such as IVF operations.

We also note that there are psychological effects that cause sterility, such as:
1- The existence of internal conflicts among women about the idea of ​​being close to men and establishing a relationship with him.
2- If the female is biologically and psychologically immature.
3- The male personality is aggressive.
4- The presence and absence of contradictory desires for pregnancy.
5- Strong attachment to reproduction.
6- Frigidity.
7- Excessive sexual excitement without gratification.

IVF process:
The IVF process has become one of the easy and safe operations, especially with the development of medicine and modern technologies with a large success rate, noting that the IVF process differs from female to female, but if the ovarian stock is large in number, then the chance of pregnancy greatly increases and it is not required in the IVF child that The child born infertile comes in the future, and the IVF process is as follows:
The IVF procedure is performed under the supervision of a specialized and highly experienced doctor with the use of medicines and a simple, almost negligible surgery to help the sperm to fertilize the egg, and then it is placed in the uterus after it is fertilized, and then comes the monitoring phase in monitoring the maturation of the egg inside the ovary to be after Stimulating the ovaries by stimulating drugs to use a practical and effective egg in the IVF process, and then the man’s sperm preparation stage comes by collecting it in a laboratory vessel under the supervision of a doctor specializing in IVF operations.

Some tips that protect a person from infertility?
1- Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.
2- Having sexual intercourse regularly.
3- Staying away from chemical drugs that may increase the risk of infertility.
4- Maintain a healthy weight.

The infertility disease may cause the patient psychological suffering, including:
The diagnosis in itself causes personal pain and torment, and it is possible for a person to deny that he is sterile and to betray feelings of anger and intense sadness with depression and despair, and this is what leads to disturbance of the marital relationship and so that psychological treatment is very encouraging in such situations to urge the need Waiting and searching for solutions and improving the family relationship and marital life and putting husbands in great reassurance and more comfort while avoiding tension and psychological anxiety with the presence of many medical treatments and solutions.

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