Orthopedic surgeries and spine diseases

Modern medicine has developed a lot in our time and this is what gave humanity safety when performing surgeries in case they were simple or difficult in case they were cosmetic surgeries or operations for malignant diseases or therapeutic operations and other surgeries, even the most difficult and dangerous operations in the past The past years today have become one of the most easy and simple surgeries and the most important is safe, thanks to the development of medicine, scientists and researchers, in addition to the modern technologies used in operating rooms, including surgical tools, procedures, robots, etc., this had a great and positive impact on Human and human life is on the patient and the doctor, so the doctor has become conducting his operations quite easily, safety, and the patient has become feeling courageous and emboldened without fear to conduct surgery, and we will talk about a few surgeries in the field of orthopedics and the advancement of medicine in the field of orthopedics and its positive impact In the lives of people and people who suffer from problems with the bones in their bodies.
Where we will talk at the beginning about orthopedic surgery, which is a branch of surgery in human medicine and its specialization is the skeletal system in the human body and the muscle and intervenes in injuries, accidents, birth defects, fractures and so on with everything related to human bones, it is generally a branch Orthopedic surgery corrects and casts fractures with surgical and restorative operations and replaces damaged joints with other types of orthopedic surgeries treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system and bones. The specialty of orthopedics is one of the most important and difficult disciplines in the study of medicine.

First, we will talk about the importance of bones and their benefits in the human body:
1- It gives the body support as it provides structural support to give the body strength with a symmetrical shape.
2- It plays the important and big role in movement. Muscles and bones are related to each other to make movement in the human body.
3- Storage of important vitamins and fats in the human body.
4- Bones give protection to many parts of the human body, such as protecting the brain or heart through the rib cage.
5- It has a major role in generating cells (white blood cells).

And among the most important diseases in orthopedic surgery are:
Bone cancer.

Carpal tunnel syndrome.
Genetic dislocation of the hip.
deviation .
Knee deformity.
Arthritis, deformity, or even arthritis.
Bone necrosis.
broke down .
stripped off .
Herniated disc .
Torn ligament .

Orthopedic surgery has developed a lot from its previous era, and there are multiple methods of treatment, including the hand and sports movements, and even the use of advanced devices, especially for the limbs, and the separation between general surgery and orthopedics has been made, and this surgery has developed greatly, for example fractures have moved from simple splints to The use of gypsum after metal rods, which do not cause any side effects on the human body, and advanced orthopedic surgery is not limited to repair and treatment only, but rather includes the replacement of damaged joints and metal bones such as pelvic or knee replacement, and this is what distinguishes them and gives great positives such as Treating the problem of lameness in walking, and this avoids deformation of the joint and damage to the other healthy leg, until the development of orthopedic surgeries reached operations that have causes that are not disease but rather to increase the height of people who are short in stature and with results that are an average of about 15 to 25 cm.

And as orthopedic surgery has become performed on all parts of the skeleton to include:
Shoulder, knee, elbow, ankle with foot, forearm, spine, hand, arthritis, osteoarthritis, bone injuries that result from accidents, bone tumors, ligaments with tendons, that have to do with the muscular system, restoration, splinting.

Among the most important goals in orthopedics and the extent of its positive impact on the patient in its development in humans:
1- Treatment of all dislocations with fractures throughout the body.
2- Installing prosthetic limbs that give joy and pleasure to the patient, especially those who have lost his hand or foot.
3- Treatment of damaged joints and ligaments.
4- The possibility of replacing the damaged bone with other metal that does not adversely affect the body.
5 Treatment of congenital malformations in children in particular and in general that occur with the occurrence of accidents from deformities of the spine and others.
6- Aesthetic orthopedic operations aimed at increasing the height of a person at a level of about 15 to 25 cm.

As a result of the advanced and modern technology developed by scientists and which has reached it in particular medicine, the field of orthopedics witnessed a great result and is considered a qualitative and great leap in surgery, the methods used in it and the modern tools used until the development of medicines as well. This is a medical and technological revolution that changes towards a positive effect Human life is significantly and remarkable, and even in some orthopedic surgeries, when a person accepts it, he accepts with joy, pleasure and courage, as it restores confidence, joy and pleasure, such as prosthetics, and this is in addition to the development of tools that are placed in the body as an alternative, which It has become more resistant to pollution and infections, with strong durability and strength.

But it is always advisable when embarking on orthopedic surgery or medical treatment to check the medical center and its reputation if it precedes it with the discussion with the specialist doctor about the results and the quality of treatment and to ensure the experience of the specialist surgeon and the development of the tools used and modern technologies with the medical staff such as our center Isabel Center Medical in Istanbul - Turkey.

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