Patients suffering from cirrhosis or liver failure

The liver in the human body is of great importance, especially in the work of the body’s organs, and it participates in a major role in ridding the body of toxins, and it is absolutely indispensable for it or for the functions it provides to the body and the vitamins it provides, so we had previously talked about the symptoms and diseases that It affects negatively and what are the methods of prevention and treatment, and also about the types of acute and chronic liver diseases that may lead to a liver transplant, which has become famous in Turkey and has become one of the surgeries that culminate in complete success, but we must know about some The suffering caused by liver disease and how a person reaches liver failure.

At the outset, we will know about some of the reasons that put the person or reach the stage of liver failure from:
1- Poisoning from a type of poisonous mushroom.
2- Abuse and drink alcohol and drugs.
3- Inflammation of the sclerosing bile duct.
4- Congenital disease (may abound in children).
5- Deposition of hemochromatosis.
6- Biliary cirrhosis (it is primary).
7- Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.
8- The yellow ducts in the gallbladder may become blocked, causing liver failure diseases.
9- Hepatitis virus (by infection).
And there are other causes for which no diagnosis or specific cause is known, and we, as we have previously explained, about the methods of prevention that a person must adhere to and take into account in his daily life to avoid the suffering and pain of liver failure.

Suffering from liver disease in humans:
And the suffering begins with liver disease as if it suddenly comes to the person where the disease does not realize the symptoms quickly, but it shows signs of yellowing in the face with yellowing in the eyes and fluid accumulation in the abdomen, and clear veins in the abdomen, in addition to red spots on the hand with hair loss, This is in addition to fatigue, lethargy, and headache, and for women, they are added to (interruption in the menstrual cycle and a small size of the breast) and with bleeding in the blood and tremors, and in children they cause great suffering so that it causes thinning and emaciation in addition to non-speaking The absence of a liver donor or the inability to afford the cost of liver transplantation in liver failure and in the event of complications of liver failure also occurs itchy skin and the appearance of small spider-like hairs under the skin and this means that the liver does not work properly in addition to ill In breathing and the change of breath odor, the inability to concentrate and think in the brain with excess fluid secretions in the brain resulting in cerebral edema and may occur in major complications, kidney failure also, and here the person may resort if preventive treatments are not given as a result of the liver transplantation process. Which may be either partly or completely When their condition is difficult to control, treatment, they may also develop liver cancer.

And here comes the stage of choosing the medical center or hospital for the operation of the liver transplant properly and searching for its good reputation and the number of operations that the medical center has performed with success and survival rates after the operation and comparing medical statistics with other health centers or hospitals that are interested in operations Liver transplantation with the existing specialist doctors and their experience in liver transplantation operations and the modern techniques used such as the new and modern technology, which is considered completely safe by means of robots, and the desired results through discussion with the medical team specialized in the patient's condition.

How does liver transplant affect humans:
And the process of liver transplantation on a person had a great impact on the return of normal life to him and the return of many functions that give the body energy and strength to its regular and proper functioning and renewed hope for him except that it makes him full of life and as if he was born again for what happened to him In suffering with disease (suffering of patients with liver disease) disease of liver failure and the good and great news that in the absence of any complications also after the operation, the process of liver transplantation is expected to return to the life that the patient was living before his disease of liver failure and for a maximum period of three months. The risk of developing complications in the long term is very small.

Among the advantages of liver transplantation in Turkey:
That, despite the fact that liver transplantation operations are complex and difficult operations, but it has become a new, healthy life for many patients, as Turkey is the second in the world in liver transplantation after South Korea, and for the first information in kidney transplantation as well, and this is what is considered a great achievement in Modern and advanced medicine and it has set a Guinness record for the largest liver transplantation operations performed at the same time, so that these surgeries in liver transplantation have been documented by video cameras, and the most important thing that distinguishes them is that the cost of the liver transplantation has reached less than average The cost of any other country performing a liver transplant.

The end of we say with the development of science in the modern medical field and with the modern and used technologies available, the liver transplantation has become an easy and simple operation, but when choosing the appropriate medical center such as our Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul - Turkey.

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