Types of plastic surgery Used techniques features and tips

Medicine has developed a lot in our time and with the modern technologies used in surgical and cosmetic operations, the word (operation) has become easy and simple, especially if it is performed under the hands and supervision of a specialist doctor with extensive experience, and many people who need plastic surgery have resorted to To the specialized surgeons and to consult with them about the results they achieve in this medical and cosmetic work and what are the effects resulting from it, so that many of both sexes (men - women) accept plastic surgery with the aim of concealing defects or with the aim of purely cosmetic and that is because of the results that you give to the person In the beginning, he is satisfied with it, as the positive effect of plastic surgery on a person’s life is very large if it is within the reasonable and cools his self-confidence and changes the appearance and views of people differ, and he becomes another person completely and as he wants to be, but we repeat if plastic surgery is within Limits, and as plastic surgery has become fashionable today, and men and women, especially girls, are looking for perfection in the general appearance whether it is in the body or the appearance and details of the face, women are more interested in these cosmetic operations than males and But we find that there is a demand from men as well, and this is what we talked about at the beginning that it is no longer difficult at all due to the wide spread of plastic surgery.

Types of plastic surgery:
Where we will talk about plastic surgery in general and not detailed, such as:
Facial plastic surgery, including:
1- The nose.
2 - eyes.
3- Brow Lift.
4- Beautify and enlarge the lips.
5- Chin surgery and aesthetics.
6- Neck.
7- Ear beautification.
8- Cosmetic dentistry (Hollywood smile).
Hair transplant operations also have many types and techniques used for men and women, in addition to body operations such as:
1- Liposuction.
2- Tightening the contours.
3- Brazilian breech.
4- Beautifying legs and toes.
5- Vagina beautification.
6- Breast enlargement.
7- Enlarging the size of the penis.
8- Sleeve gastrectomy.
In addition to the operations of congenital and cutaneous deformities from burns, their removal, and reconstructive cosmetic operations, which when a person needs them, they bring him a new and full life and confidence among people and restore his activity and strength.

The types of modern technologies used in the world of beauty, among them we also mention:
(Laser, filler, botox, golden strings, plasma, peeling of all kinds with fat injection, and other types).

And the most prominent cosmetic operations that men resort to are hair transplantation of all kinds, from beard, mustache and head hair transplantation, and in the case of severe baldness until chest hair transplantation, followed by dental cosmetic and body sculpting, and women have facial plastic surgery, cellulite removal and scar removal And tightening the body, as plastic surgery helps in the event that the results are satisfactory for some people by increasing their self-esteem and increasing their self-confidence as well, especially if there is an apparent defect in the patient and it causes him embarrassment in his daily life and this defect is removed from him and becomes his life As if he was born again full of positive energy, and even in terms of his professional life, he becomes successful and developed, especially in his work or if he is applying for a new job or in his romantic and emotional life, and we may talk about other cases such as people who have lost parts of their bodies after Operations to remove a malignant tumor they have, such as gynecological operations, in the event that it leads to the removal of her breast, she may resort to breast surgery to improve her psychological and physical condition.

And one of the most important tips before and after plastic surgery?
Firstly before plastic surgery:
1- Selecting the center and the doctor with good reputation and experience.
2- Consultation with the physician specialized in the type of cosmetic work of the results and the techniques used in it.
3- Avoid smoking.
4- Conducting the necessary laboratory tests and analyzes.
5- Informing the doctor of all medicines and diseases and stopping medicines that cause blood liquefaction, such as aspirin.
And after cosmetic operations, one should also avoid smoking and sunlight, and adhere to the patient’s doctor’s instructions with complete rest until results emerge.

What are the advantages and positive impact of plastic surgery on human life:
1- Rhinoplasty solves sinus problems.
2- Solve many problems that a person suffers from in his daily life.
3- Getting rid of excess weight and flabbiness with tightening the body, which cannot be eliminated through sports and diets.
4- Solving women's problems and gaining increased self-confidence.
5- Protection from breast cancer in men if the affected tissues in the breast are removed.
6- Improvement in the person’s external body shape.
7- Solve some back pain problems.
8- It gives self-confidence, form, a sense of contentment and psychological comfort.
9- The courage to repeat the cosmetic experience.
In the end, we say that plastic surgery has spread widely and widely in the world, and if it had not had a guaranteed and effective effect, no one would have resorted to it. Everyone of both sexes (men and women) want to get rid of the defects that embarrass them and prevent them from enjoying the beautiful life that It affects themselves and their confidence in their condition, as plastic surgery helps many people solve their problems, even if they are among the owners of deformities that cause them distrust and embarrassment in society and among people until it has become not only concerned with women, plastic surgeries, but men and even adults. Age and it is considered not dangerous, but if it is under the supervision of specialized surgeons and under modern medical techniques and a well-known and reputable center such as Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul - Turkey.

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