Urinary tract diseases their causes, symptoms, and patient suffering

One of the most annoying diseases in the bladder and urinary system in humans, which causes great suffering to people, especially the elderly, is urinary tract diseases and urinary tract infection, as UTI is an infection that grows in the urinary system and as we know that the urinary system In the human body it consists of two kidneys and the urinary tubes to the bladder and urethra, and here it is possible for infection and infection with any of the above from these organs, which may cause inflammation of the urinary tract, but the most vulnerable to infection with urinary tract diseases are the lower organs such as the bladder and urethra and even in diseases Urinary tract infection Women are at greater risk of contracting UTI than men, and in advanced cases of urinary tract infection, the infection may spread and spread to one of the kidneys, and here the complications are severe.

And among the famous urinary tract symptoms:
But we must know at the outset that urinary tract infections are divided into two parts, which are upper urinary infections that affect the ureter and kidney, and lower urinary infections that affect the bladder and urethra, and the urethra is considered (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to outside the body), and upper urinary infections are associated For general symptoms in the body and there is burning in the urine and pain in the flank, but it is accompanied by nausea and vomiting with a rise in body temperature, and here the patient may need stronger treatments than antibiotics to treat these infections, and urinary tract infections, which are more common and that affect The bladder and urethra are easier to treat than upper urinary tract infections, and they come in two parts: they are tonic symptoms (urinary frequency, urinary burning, feeling urinating) and occlusive symptoms of poor urine flow and cut off urine upon exit.
And here it is advised that when the symptoms of the famous urinary tract diseases appear more than twice a year, the specialist must be consulted immediately to conduct the tests and give the most important medical advice in addition to the fact that water should be drunk frequently.
In addition, there are symptoms in the urinary tract in general and come with any infection that is in the upper part or the lower part of the urinary system (pain in the pelvic region, a foul smell in the urine or its mixing with blood) and when complications arise that move between the upper and lower section and It may cause infection to blood cells and work on kidney damage, in addition to a pregnant woman, which increases the chance of conceiving a fetus with a lower weight than normal.
It should be noted when urinating a large amount of urine, this does not mean that it is a disease of urinary incontinence, as incontinence is another disease that causes urine to come out involuntarily.

Suffering urinary tract patients?
Urinary tract patients suffer real suffering without any other diseases from pelvic pain or urinary burning that may make them lose confidence in themselves, for example their constant feeling of wanting to urinate and frequent use of the bathroom affects them negatively in front of others, this except for other secretions coming out without feeling that or drops From urine, in addition to real suffering, especially for elderly people, which is during sleep, frequent going to the bathroom because of their feeling of wanting to go out and emptying the bladder of urine, and this suffering causes insomnia and a lack of sleep and disrupts the daily routine of human life.

One of the most important causes of human urinary tract diseases?
1- Lack of or little use of the bathroom on a daily basis when feeling urinating (i.e. holding urine for long periods).
2- Lifting heavy weights.
3- Bacterial infection in the urinary tract areas.
4- Incorrect sexual practice.
5- People with diabetes are more likely.
6- Lack of immunity.
7- Constipation.
8- Taking certain medicines that affect the work of the kidneys and the urinary system.
9- Eating unhealthy meals or drinks.
10- The presence of birth defects and problems in the urinary system since birth.

Among the advantages of treatment in Turkey for urological diseases:
And it is divided into:
Simple infection, recurrent infection and acute urinary tract infection, but before talking about it, we must point out that in the absence of significant symptoms that are noticeable, treatment should be done with mild antibiotics, but with the advice of a specialist doctor, and as for:
Treatment of simple infection of urinary tract diseases: it is by taking anti-pills and the quality of them is determined according to the diagnosis of the specialist doctor, and most often the symptoms disappear after several days of starting to take the appropriate treatment by the specialist and this does not prevent the verification and examination again After three days of taking medications to ensure full recovery, and in certain cases, the doctor may prescribe pain medication.
As for the treatment of recurrent infection of urinary tract diseases, first the doctor may prescribe antibiotics and medicines for a longer period of time than simple infections, in addition to which he will request analyzes and laboratory tests to determine the disease and he may resort to radiation and may be advised to drink certain fluids and give the patient a diet.
And finally, the treatment of acute infection in the famous urinary tract diseases, and here it is necessary to take full care in the hospital and under the supervision of doctors, and resort to giving the patient antibiotics by intravenous injection, and there are other complications that may lead to resorting to surgery.
There are other natural herbal remedies through apple cider vinegar, parsley, flax seeds, nettles, pumpkin seeds, drinking barley, strawberry leaves, and some natural juices (cranberries, grapes, and pineapple).
And we mention that on our website in the Isabel Medical Center, there are other diseases of the urinary tract system from prostatitis, which results in surgical work, and women have tumors or cancerous diseases in the womb.

There are some advice provided by the Isabel Medical Center for the prevention of urinary tract diseases in humans:
1- Drink plenty of fluids, especially water.
2- General hygiene and wiping in the urinary tract area.
3- Maintaining personal hygiene during an intimate relationship.
4- Emptying the bladder as soon as possible after sexual intercourse.
5- Avoid constipation.
6- Avoid products that may cause irritation in women.
7 - Urging quickly if you feel the need, especially before bed.

Turkey is considered a country of medical tourism due to its advanced progress in the field of modern medicine and the techniques used and developed in the field of treatment and surgery operations, but this does not prevent the medical center and the doctors present in it from making sure of the experience, good reputation and long medical history with the modern technologies used. And distinguished staff, such as our center, Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul - Turkey.

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