Back lift

The back lift is like other plastic surgeries that are used when a person loses weight, as it is a treatment for back sagging and is based on sculpting and tightening the back, such as a tummy tuck and abdominal muscles, so that it is based on the treatment of sagging in the patient’s body and gives the body a beautiful and slim body. Some people may resort to it if there are slight bends in the back, as it is an easy and simple process, in addition to it is one of the safe cosmetic operations.

Why does the patient perform a back lift?
The patient resorts to a back lift for several reasons, including: obesity and overweight, and when he performs liposuction and removes sagging skin, and in the case of sports treatments, they did not give the desired results and it became very difficult for the patient in his life, as it affects the person And it may cause him to bend or arch in the back.
And we say that there are mild cases, in consultation with the specialist doctor, he may advise some exercise for a certain period that may benefit the person and may resort to the back lift after a period of time.

What are the preparations used before a back lift?
1- Avoid alcoholic beverages and smoking at least fifteen days before a back lift.
2- Disclosure to the specialist doctor about all diseases in the patient’s body, along with the medicines he uses.
3- Follow the instructions of the specialist doctor for examinations, analyzes and meals before the back lift.
4- A discussion will be made with the doctor about the results, the type of medical work, and the appointment of a back lift.

How is a back lift performed in terms of anesthesia?
The doctor may resort to local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on the patient's condition and the accumulated fat.

How long does a back lift surgery take?
In fact, a back lift takes from 40 minutes to 150 minutes, depending on the patient's condition.

What are the types of back lift?
The same is true for tummy tuck, laser liposuction, vaser, and traditional technique, each of which is used according to the patient's accompanying condition.

Who are the best candidates for a back lift?
All those who are in good health and do not suffer from chronic diseases, and those who have lost great weight and have clear sagging, and who are not satisfied with the shape of their back due to sagging and bending.

How is a back lift performed?
Firstly, choosing the appropriate anesthesia for the patient according to his condition, either local anesthesia or general anesthesia, and it may be desired by the patient. To begin to move the skin collagen and irritate it in order to expand the layers of sagging and insert the suction tube after the solid fat has crumbled into a liquid form and it is removed either by laser or sound waves with a vaser, then the doctor moves to the stage of tightening and closing the wound and dressing it

After a back lift?
1- The patient must rest and recuperate for at least two weeks, and in the first three days the patient must be helped in the event of movement inside the home, where in some cases the specialist doctor has placed tubes to empty excess fluid and it takes a day or two to remove them.
2- Stay away from any sports exercises, especially strenuous and tiring, in the first month and start with light sports such as walking.
3- Commitment to wear the medical brace according to the period of time required by the specialist doctor.
4- After the back lift operation, some redness and swelling may appear, which can be treated with creams and antibiotics.
5- The results of a back lift appear clearly, especially after the recovery period.

What are the advantages of a back lift?
In fact, other than that the patient lost great weight and was able to tighten the skin through the back lift operation, but he gained new features such as the ability to practice all sports without disturbance so that he could gain physical fitness and movement easily and lightly, in addition to obtaining a tight and consistent back .

Is it recommended to undergo a back lift in Turkey, and what are the appropriate features?
Yes, and for sure, it is advised to perform a back lift in Turkey and all plastic surgeries as well, since the value is lower than the average in the rest of the world and the development of modern medical technologies in it and by means of specialized doctors who follow patients even after performing medical work, in addition to that Turkey has become It is known as the state of medical tourism, and this is what enables the patient during the recovery period by doing beautiful tourist tours and enjoying the picturesque and archaeological views and others in Turkey.

Finally, there are some inquiries that every patient presenting to undergo a back lift must ask her to listen to people who have previously performed a back lift operation and to get acquainted with a health center that has modern techniques and excellent medical staff who follow the disease condition even after surgery and the experience in it. From specialized doctors such as Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul - Turkey.

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