Breast augmentation

Breasts in a woman are considered her femininity, so all girls and women are looking for what gives them femininity and attractiveness in a harmonious and beautiful way, and one of the basic criteria in beauty has become the presence of a chest that is suitable for the size of the body and is attractive, and aesthetic medicine has become interested in an advanced scientific level in plastic surgery Chest, so we will explain some about breast plastic surgery.

What are breast plastic surgery and breast augmentation and who can perform breast augmentation, and what is the cause of sagging breasts?
Where they may be natural causes and from a young age, or with the passage of time the tissues in the body lose their strength and elasticity, and this is what causes the breast to lose its size like the rest of the organs, especially after the stage of childbirth, as many women suffer from the problems of sagging breasts greatly and to eliminate On this sagging and small breast size, I found breast augmentation and breast augmentation, where breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia after conducting an examination and selecting the most appropriate in breast plastic surgery.

How long does breast augmentation take?
In fact, the process of breast augmentation does not take much time, depending on the patient's condition, as the process of breast augmentation ranges from half an hour until the full hour and is under general anesthesia for the body.

What are the steps to be taken before breast plastic surgery?
1- Notifying the specialist doctor about all diseases and all medicines that the patient uses.
2- Avoid smoking before and after breast augmentation for a long period of time.
3- Performing the required examinations and analyzes by the specialist doctor before breast augmentation surgery.
4- Breast pictures are taken before and after breast plastic surgery, for comparison.

In breast plastic surgery, who are the women candidates for this plastic surgery?
All those who are in good health, are not pregnant or breastfeeding, who do not suffer from any chronic diseases, have small breasts or need cosmetic, or who have lost their self-confidence and wish to have breast augmentation surgery, they are eligible for breast plastic surgery and breast augmentation.

And among the types of breast plastic surgery are breast augmentation by silicone and breast augmentation by fat, and it is either a lift or augmentation or a lift, and depending on the case, it is possible to make a plastic surgery around (the nipple).

Does breast plastic surgery cause pain?
In many cosmetic operations, there is little pain after any operation, as it is surgical, but the pain of the breast augmentation process is little and negligible, and for a period of two days no more, and of course there are painkillers that the patient can take within the instructions of the specialist

Does mammoplasty cause any side effects?
The threads used in breast augmentation are cosmetic and self-dissolving sutures, meaning they do not need to be loosened, but rather their marks do not appear and even are under the skin, and they do not cause any scars as they are invisible.

Even after breast surgery, many people ask that it is possible for sagging to occur again and for the breasts to return to what it was, and the answer is with the passage of time and due to gravity, it is possible, but not like the rest of the body parts or the same as it was in the past.

How long does the treatment period last after breast augmentation surgery?
Breast augmentation surgery may last for about a month. During this period, the patient must wear a post-surgery bra.

Is it possible to resume breastfeeding after breast surgery?
Yes, we say that a woman can breastfeed her children again, even if she does not lose sensation after breast augmentation surgery, and everything will be as it was except that her breast size has become more beautiful and larger and she has reached what satisfies her.

Is it possible to exercise after breast augmentation?
We advise against practicing any strenuous sports such as swimming, weightlifting and other stressful sports until the end of the recovery period and complete treatment or after at least two months, and there is no objection to exercising light walking after breast surgery.

What are the procedures followed after breast plastic surgery?
1- Within 24 hours of breast plastic surgery, the patient can loosen the rolled gauze.
2- The patient is also allowed to shower after two days.
3- Wearing the medical corset prescribed by the doctor, and the period of wearing it after mammoplasty is from one to three months.
4- Cleaning the wound and using an antibiotic.
5- After cleaning the wound in the process of breast augmentation, use creams with concealed effects (silicone creams) for a period of three weeks, and lasers can be used.
6- To adhere to the doctor’s instructions and advice in a regular and proper manner.
7- Commitment to inspection sessions and changing dressings on an ongoing basis according to the doctor’s advice.

What should the patient do before embarking on breast augmentation and mammoplasty?
Before embarking on a breast augmentation operation, the patient must check the doctor’s specialty and ensure that he has extensive experience in this work and carries a good reputation and searches for specialists, and that he is authorized to perform breast augmentation surgeries and discuss the matter with the doctor and consult the steps. Coming to this medical procedure.

We conclude by saying that plastic surgery around the world has shown a lot of development and interest until it has become very safe, and it is important with all that to search for a well-known and distinguished medical cosmetic center with its continuous medical staff with the patient even after the operation period and during the treatment and the specialists in it are owners Excellent reputation in addition to modern technologies, and this is all available at Isabel Medical Center in Turkey.

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