Breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer disease is one of the most common diseases in women than men, knowing that it can happen in men, but rare cases are considered, and breast cancer is a cancerous disease that arises in breast cells and may form a small noticeable mass and other factors, so you should pay attention when Note any change and periodic examination for breast cancer.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?
First, the breast area is divided into three sections:
1- The area of ​​the nipple and the surrounding areola and the symptoms of breast cancer are:
Inversion in the nipple in the event that it is protruding to the outside and becomes inside or becomes flat at the level of the skin, and any peeling, granulation, swelling or pitting in the areola area, and even secretions such as blood and the presence of heat or redness are symptoms of breast cancer.
2- The breast area and the symptoms of breast cancer in it are:
The presence of symmetry and asymmetry in the size of the breasts or the shape of the breasts and the feeling of a lump or lumpiness and hardness in the breast or even swelling of the skin and a change in color are among the symptoms of breast cancer.
3- The armpit area and the symptoms of breast cancer are:
And the symptoms in the armpit area itself in the symptoms of breast cancer in the breast area.

But there are other symptoms of breast cancer, or they are in a direct way, which is that the patient has a family history of breast cancer (close relatives) to her, and more than one person or one of the symptoms are women complaining of breast pain.

What are the causes of breast cancer?
It is very important to know the causes of breast cancer and to talk about breast cancer and the causes of breast cancer being the most common among women and that most of the reasons can not change anything because it is the most important cause of breast cancer is the fact that a woman is a woman and not a man and the chance of a woman being infected in Breast cancer for men is a hundredfold, and the second factor is advancement in age, and women who experience a longer period, which begins before the age of 12 years and continues until the age of 55 and beyond, and the woman who is late in childbearing or who She did not breastfeed her child, or the obese woman who has fat, the women who drink alcohol and their lack of exercise, and finally a very important factor which is the family navel (genes and genes), in addition to if the woman is taking drugs that contain hormones.
But what is important is early detection, then the chance of recovery is very high.

What are the methods of treating breast cancer?
Breast cancer treatment methods begin with the diagnostic stage and the most important thing is to be early in any doubt to ensure a full recovery before the disease grows larger and to be in several stages. The specialist may request all or part of:
1- Breast examination.
2- A mammogram.
3- Ultrasound rays.
4- A sample of breast cells.
5- Magnetic resonance imaging.
The doctor who specializes in treating breast cancer then determines the stage of breast cancer in the treatment and determines the type and mechanism of treatment according to the condition that is diagnosed in terms of stage, degree and size, and in the event that breast cancer is confirmed, there is treatment by drugs if the infection is early Or through chemotherapy, and even if there is surgery, it is as follows, and according to the condition that breast cancer has reached:
Only the tumor is removed without any other procedure or side effects.
Removing the entire breast.
The removal of lymph nodes comes in two parts, either a small and limited removal or a large removal of them.
In some cases, specialist doctors may perform the following, in consultation with a plastic surgeon, about types of treatments to confirm and eliminate breast cancer and before starting any cosmetic work after breast surgery:
1- Radiation therapy.
2- Chemotherapy.
3- Immunotherapy.
4- Hormonal treatment.
5- Medication and drug treatment.
The end there must be care and care according to the case and what the specialist prescribes, and the patient is the same major factor in improving and expediting her health status through, as we mentioned previously, early detection when any noticeable suspicion she has of what we have mentioned in the symptoms of breast cancer, and the woman should To be informed of the symptoms and causes of cancer in order to avoid them, and to communicate with the specialized consultants.

Prevention of breast cancer?
Among the most important tips and ways to prevent breast cancer are:
1- Maintain a healthy weight.
2- Eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits and reduce eating meat that contains fat.
3- Doing sports.
4- Consult your doctor when taking any medications that contain female hormones (such as progesterone).
5- If a woman is breastfeeding, she must adhere to breastfeeding her child.
6- Avoid smoking.
7- Perseverance in early detection of breast cancer screening.
There are foods and foods that are useful in diet and breast cancer prevention. They should be consumed more frequently, as they help treat breast cancer, and they are:
(Tomatoes, garlic and onions, green tea, walnuts, turmeric, cranberries, pomegranate, flaxseeds, broccoli)
We can say that breast cancer does not result from nothing. Rather, there are factors that must be prevented as well, as it negatively affects and gives the possibility of the presence of breast cancer (nutrition, genetics, environment, weight, tension, physical activity) that must be wary of them and pay close attention. Considerate.

We advise every woman to make an early detection of breast cancer and to visit a sophisticated specialized center that has specialist doctors in the field of oncology, cosmetology, and others, and to follow the instructions and instructions required by the doctor that are given in Isabel Medical Center Istanbul - Turkey.

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