Breast mass biopsy

We hear about breast cancer, which affects more women than men most of the time, but we have mentioned in previous articles about breast cancer, its factors, causes, prevention and treatment methods, and today we will talk about breast mass biopsy in breast treatment and how Examination and how to be a breast lump biopsy in addition to some advice as we have always come to you in our articles and medical advice provided by Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul.

There is a breast examination by means of self-examination, preferably after the menstrual cycle by touching and discovering that there is no lumpiness in the breast, especially in the armpit area, and anything noticeable must be reported to the specialist doctor immediately.

It is customary for a breast mass biopsy to determine if there is an abnormal area or a cancerous mass in the breast, and in a breast lump biopsy a sample is removed from the area of ​​concern and examined by a pathologist and may include one of three techniques Main:
1- Breast mass biopsy (fine needle aspiration): Here the doctor specializing in the biopsy of the breast mass through the fine needle aspiration will insert a needle into the breast and he will use some guiding forms such as the ultrasound path to direct the needle to the correct area, then he will remove fluid or A small sample of the tissue.
2- Breast lump biopsy (needle endodontic biopsy): In the procedure of needle endodontic biopsy in breast mass biopsy, several small pieces of tissue or nuclei of tissue are removed from the breast, and here the guidance may be made using several techniques and when performing this procedure from a biopsy A breast lump is where the patient lies on a dedicated table in which there is a hole in which to place the breasts, and the specialist doctor performs local anesthesia in order to numb the entire breast area and uses digital mammography as a guide and inserts a hollow needle into the area of ​​anxiety, and several small cylinders of tissue are removed. In order to perform the examination, while directing the ultrasound for the endodontic needle biopsy in the breast mass biopsy, the specialist doctor will use an ultrasound probe to locate the area of ​​concern and a hollow needle is inserted to remove several nuclei from the tissue.
Resorption needle and needle endodontic biopsies involve removing small samples of fluid or tissue using the needle, but in the event that a location of concern is detected by a digital mammogram (mammogram) or ultrasound it cannot be accessed by endodontic biopsy in a mass biopsy. The breast, or if the entire area should be removed, the specialist may recommend a surgical biopsy.
3- Surgical biopsy: In a breast lump biopsy, the surgical biopsy is performed in the operating room using two abstraction techniques (excisional biopsy and segmental biopsy).
During the removal of the unknown piece in this procedure from a breast lump biopsy, the specialist surgeon will make an incision in the breast area and remove the entire lump and after the end of the procedure close the incision, the specialist surgeon performs a segmental biopsy if only a small portion of the area needs to be removed. The excitement is usually for a diagnosis at the end of the procedure, the wound will be closed, and if the deformity cannot be felt, the needle position will be used to locate the excited area, and in this procedure the radiologist will insert a hook wire into the breast through a needle under a mammogram or ultrasound guidance. To determine the area and here, the needle will be removed, but the wire remains in place, then the patient or patient will go to the operating room, where the surgeon will make an incision in the breast and follow the wire to determine the target area and remove it, and a mammogram must be taken in order to ensure that the mass has been removed. And then the surgeon closes the incision completely.
Which of these three techniques in breast mass biopsy determines it and chooses the appropriate procedure by the competent doctor according to the patient’s condition appropriate to him.

When should a breast mass biopsy be performed?
A breast lump biopsy is usually performed when a suspicious lump or pill is discovered in the breast during a manual examination or after a mammogram or a mammogram, and the diagnosis must be accurate as in this examination the purpose is to discover that this lump or pill is a tumor and to make sure If a tumor is to be (a benign tumor or a malignant tumor).

What are the procedures to be taken before a breast mass biopsy?
1- Informing the radiologist of any medications the patient is taking.
2- Bathing in order to remove any kind of cosmetics.
3- Take off all jewelry.
4- Wearing more comfortable, non-tight clothes.
After a breast mass biopsy?
No problems are expected, but this does not prevent the doctor from adhering to the instructions of the specialist and keeping the bandage for a period of not less than 24 hours and not exposing it to getting wet as additional bleeding may occur, this calls for stopping it with a second dressing, and the doctor must be informed of any changes that occur to the breast from (Pain, redness, swelling, bleeding, pus) etc.

And we will mention again the factors of breast cancer, especially in women?
1- Being female.
2- Old age.
3- Family history.
4- Beginning and interruption of the menstrual cycle (starting it early or delaying it until it ceases at the age of 55 years).
5- Previous injury to one of the breasts.
6- Delay in childbearing or not having children.
7- Obesity.
8- Smoking.
Any woman may develop breast cancer (benign or malignant) without any of these factors. Therefore, all women must perform periodic medical examinations and adhere to methods of preventing breast cancer in order to move away from the stage of reaching breast cancer or breast mass biopsy.

And we mention again in breast mass biopsy the methods of preventing breast cancer?
1- Maintaining a healthy and healthy weight commensurate with age and height.
2- Eat healthy meals and follow nutritional diets.
3- Follow aerobic exercises.
4- Stay away and stop smoking.
5- Consult a doctor when using medicines that contain (female hormones).
6- Adherence to breastfeeding women.
7- Adherence to early and self-detection methods through examination.

And you should eat more foods to protect against breast cancer, such as:
(Garlic, tomatoes, onions, walnuts, green tea, turmeric, berries, broccoli, pomegranate, flax seeds).

The Isabel Medical Center team always works to provide health advice and medical advice in addition to conducting all types of treatments, especially in breast cancer, through modern technologies and advanced devices in breast mass biopsy with a distinguished medical staff that continues even after the recovery phase in monitoring the patient’s condition With a high reputation of the expertise of the specialist doctors of Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul - Turkey.

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