Cardiac operation

The heart in the human body works without stopping, as it is one of the distinctive devices inside the body that pumps blood to all cells of the body by pulse within a variety of blood vessels (veins, arteries, and capillaries).
The heart is located on the left end in the center of the chest cavity in the form of a cone-shaped muscle covered by a membrane called the pericardium, and the size of the heart muscle is the size of a fist, as it is one of the strongest body muscles in a person, and at an average of 70 beats per minute beats every day, equivalent to 4.5 - 5 liters of blood The weight of the heart is about 0.5 percent of the total weight of the human body, and the heart also has symptoms and reasons for disturbing its good functioning or the need for surgical work, as techniques and examinations have developed even for cardiac surgeries and are varied, such as the cardiac endoscopy.

Before talking about the cardiac endoscopy, we will talk a little bit about how to diagnose heart disease and the causes of heart disease. First, clinical heart disease is diagnosed, blood pressure is measured with heart rate, and the specialist doctor may request some special blood laboratory analyzes with cholesterol and lipid analyzes About the area of ​​the heart and in advanced stages, the doctor may resort to:
1- CT scan of the heart.
2- Electrocardiogram.
3- Echocardiography.
4- Magnetic resonance of the heart.
5- Via the Holter device.
6- Test method (tilted table).
And from heart disease:
1- Coronary artery.
2- blood vessels.
3- Congenital heart disease.
4- Cardiomyopathy.
5- Heart attack.
6- Failure.
7- Infection.
8- Heart valves.
9- Heart arrhythmias.
Among the causes of heart disease, which lead to a risk to heart health and its complications, are as follows:
(High cholesterol, smoking with high heart pressure, following an unhealthy diet, drinking alcohol, in addition to inactivity, meaning inactivity, diabetes, obesity and excessive, psychological tension and taking prescriptions, herbs, or illegal drugs).

And heart disease treatments are using two methods, according to the patient's condition, either through therapeutic drugs or through surgery.

And symptoms of heart disease:
1- Heart attack accompanied by chest pain.
2- Heart failure accompanied by shortness of breath with swollen legs and neck veins.
3- Heart palpitations with arrhythmias, severe sweating and severe dizziness.

Cardiac operation?
And it is one of the best techniques of heart surgery, which is considered safe because it appeared recently and doctors have confirmed that it can be relied upon permanently, and that it contributes to the patient not being exposed to complications, especially in the open heart surgery, where heart surgeries began to open the rib cage by virtue of placing the heart inside The rib cage, and this is what is known in colloquial language, the open-heart operation of replacing valves or restoring valves or blocked arteries. The type of these operations caused patients pain and complications with infections, where the opening was about 20 cm, but with the development of medicine and modern technologies, but a method of operation or surgery Heart through a cardiac endoscope is different from the surgical tools used in the traditional operation, where the idea of ​​performing a surgery or a cardiac operation came from other surgeries such as bone and joint or gastrointestinal surgery, where they use the camera with a monitor, and this is what reduces the incision of the wound where the endoscope operation arrived The heart is cut into an incision only about 3 cm, and it is a process that depends on the skill of the specialist surgeon and the degree of readiness of the center in which the cardiac endoscopy is performed, and we can say that it is about 80 percent of heart diseases Those that need surgical intervention can be performed through a cardiac endoscopy, such as operations (restoration or valve replacement, congenital malformations in children or adults, benign and malignant heart tumors, heart rhythm disorders that do not succeed through catheter), where the rib cage is opened by no more than The 3-cm camera enters the three-dimensional technology with small surgical tools. In men, the opening is around the nipple, and in women, under the breast, it is a procedure suitable for elderly patients who have undergone other operations during their lives.

How long does a patient's endoscopy take?
In fact, although the cardiac endoscopy is a safe and easy procedure, it takes about two to three hours, depending on the patient's health condition and what he needs.

What are the features of the cardiac surgery?
One of the most important features of the cardiac endoscopy is that after the operation, the patient does not feel the same pain as the traditional operation, there are mild pain that does not even mention, and the lowest percentage of infections and the possibility of giving the patient blood after the operation, and the patient can leave the hospital or medical center after a period of three days and return To practice a normal life is faster and the most important thing is when the patient looks at himself in the mirror without noticing cracks or deformations.

An oral cardiac endoscope or an echocardiogram test is by giving images of the heart through the esophagus through high-frequency sound waves and by means of a small and thin tube through the mouth to the throat, as it is thin to the esophagus, which in turn is close to the upper chambers of the heart. In order to find problems with heart function, doctors may use it in the event that the patient is obese. It takes about 30 to 60 minutes and reveals the size of the heart and the quality of blood pumping.

And to prevent heart disease, many things must be done, including:
1- Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
2- Maintaining blood pressure and sugar levels.
3- Follow a healthy diet and maintain a healthy weight.
4- Doing sports.
5- Regulating the level of lipids (fats - cholesterol).
6- Avoid stress and psychological pressure and gain sufficient sleep hours.

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