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The breasts of the female with the passage of time, pregnancy and lactation, in addition to the changes in hormones, with an increase or loss in body weight lead to a sagging chest and this is what makes the chest not fit and beautiful and to get rid of sagging chest, many women resort to a breast lift that It has become a very natural and easy process, as it returns the breasts to its original position and restores confidence for many women and gives them an attractive appearance, as it works to correct and beautify the chest, remove excess skin and fat around the breast, in addition to tightening the chest.

What are the degrees of sagging chest in women?
There are three degrees of breast sagging that must be viewed and discussed before embarking on a breast lift for women, and they are:
The first degree: It is in the event that there is no significant sagging and only (silicone implant) is sufficient, where the specialist doctor places it under the muscle to raise the breast in a small amount, but it is sufficient to tighten the chest.
The second degree: and during the breast lift operation, a (slight wound) was made around the (nipple) with a slight lift of 2 cm or according to the case, and here we note that the sagging of the chest is greater than the first degree than it needs to be lifted with a filling.
The third degree: It is the operation (the lipo wound), and here it is not only a need to tighten the chest, but the skin is also flabby and needs to be tightened, so the wound is horizontal to collect and tighten the sagging chest.
We note that any type of breast lift surgery for women is either lifted only or lifted with augmentation, and the method of performing the operation varies according to the amount of sagging and size.
And any woman who needs a breast lift operation before choosing the operation, we recommend examination and discussion with the specialist doctor, as he is the one who determines whether she needs a lift and augmentation or only a lift.

What are the types of incisions during breast lift surgery for women?
In fact, the types of incisions differ according to the type of operation and the condition of each woman, as we talked previously, and among the types of incisions they are in the form:
Incision in the shape of a chest key or a letter T in English, a vertical incision to make the chest taut, a donut-shaped incision, a crescent-shaped incision, and this is done according to each patient's case by making some type of these surgical incisions.

Does breast lift for women cause any wounds?
The chest lift operation causes wounds that are almost invisible and heal over a period of time at the highest estimate, within only three weeks, after which the skin returns to its natural color and the effect is simple in the form of an invisible line.
(And it is possible to use creams to remove the effect within the instructions of the specialist)

What is the rest period after breast lift for women?
After the breast lift operation, it is necessary to rest for a period between one week and ten days and avoid sports and any strenuous work.

Does a woman lose sensation of anything in her breasts after a breast lift?
In fact, there may be a slight loss of sensation in the first six months, and then things will be fine, and this very small percentage of those who lose sensation is from 1 to 5%.

Who are the persons eligible for breast lift and instructions before breast lift that should be followed?
All those who are in good health and do not suffer from chronic diseases and suffer from sagging chest and need a chest lift, and they must follow some instructions before the chest lift such as avoiding smoking and taking pills such as aspirin and informing the doctor about the diseases and medicines they are taking in addition To do some analyzes, this and all in addition to discussion sessions with the specialist doctor about the results and advantages after breast lift for women.

How long does a breast lift for women take and does it cause pain?
The breast lift operation does not cause any pain as it is under general anesthesia, and it requires time for women to lift the chest from 40 to 60 minutes, and some pain is noted after the operation, which disappears within two days, and it is possible to take mild analgesics.

Will it be any side effects for women breast lift?
In fact, any surgery, whether medical or cosmetic, has side effects, but a breast lift operation has side effects that are slight swelling and itching with some pain, which all disappear after a few days and with the instructions of the specialist.
It does not give any side effects about future breastfeeding.

What should be done after breast lift for women?
1- Rest at home for a period of not less than a full week.
2- Adherence to the medical prescription by the competent doctor, including medicines and others.
3- Lie on the back while sleeping and get away from sleeping on the chest.
4- Wearing a medical bra, according to the period required by the specialist.
5- Avoid smoking for at least two weeks.
6- There is no objection to applying moisturizing creams in the event of dryness, but by consulting a specialist doctor.
7- Avoid exhausting work and exhausting sports.

Finally, we say to every woman and woman who needs to accept a breast lift and prevent sagging of the chest that this operation is one of the most successful and simplest cosmetic operations, but with the presence of a distinguished medical staff who is following up even after a breast lift operation for the patient with a specialist doctor with a good reputation and discussion with him in all The results and I take advice on the existence of an integrated medical center of modern and advanced technologies located in the Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul, which has the best medical and plastic surgery and is one of the most distinguished cosmetic centers in Turkey.

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