The colonoscopy mechanism is used for the patient in general in the event of searching for any causes or factors that produce the stomach and intestine, any of the following:
(Chronic abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea or chronic constipation, or to detect the presence of colon cancer through a colonoscopy from the mouth through the colonoscopy process, which the specialist uses according to the patient's condition to detect changes in the intestine by inserting a long, accurate and flexible tube equipped with a camera in order to know What is happening inside the colon, and we will expand the explanation as the Isabel Medical Center promised you in explaining and giving important medical and health advice in addition to treating all diseases, including colonoscopy cases.

First: The oral colonoscopy is considered a medical procedure to detect diseases occurring in the colon, and the oral colonoscopy is intended as a long, flexible tube equipped with a camera that allows the doctor to view the patient's intestine and gastrointestinal tract through a large screen and take samples if necessary. Examination through the colonoscope from the mouth helps in searching for diseases of the colon and the thin intestine, and in cases of bleeding the endoscope is a treatment and may remove polyps through it or put a stent and it does not have any risks and the patient must be fasting about eight hours before and give The specialist doctor is sedative or general anesthesia, and the patient can leave the medical center after the colonoscopy.

Second: The colon stores stool or waste and helps in absorbing water from the stool, and the doctor who specializes in colonoscopy performs a colonoscopy for two main purposes (diagnosis or trying to detect a source of bleeding) and it is a common medical procedure that the specialist doctor examines every part of the colon, and Colonoscopy has two main functions (diagnostic, therapeutic). If a patient, for example, suffers from bleeding, the colonoscopy will cauterize the place of bleeding and it is considered an effective treatment method as it helps to control the bleeding or reach a diagnosis, in most cases and the polyps are removed. Which is revealed by the specialist doctor inside the colon to the affected patient, where he follows types of modern techniques in lighting so that these polyps are detected and distinguished.

How to prepare for a colonoscopy by colonoscopy?
Evacuating the stomach from all foods so that the doctor can see the intestine better by:
1- Fasting before enough time according to the period given by the specialist doctor before the examination.
2- Changing foods, as three days before the examination, it is forbidden to eat any food related to fibers.
3- 24 hours before the examination, stop eating solid foods and stop only on clear liquids.
4- Taking a laxative before the examination, according to the instructions of the specialist.
5- Take a break before the colonoscopy for a day and stop working.
6- Informing the doctor of the medicines that the patient is taking consistently, as there may be a change in the procedure or stopped taking them
7- Informing the doctor who specializes in colonoscopy of any drugs that cause an allergy to the patient or even to foods.

How long does a colonoscopy take?
The colonoscopy examination takes about 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the patient's condition.

During the colonoscopy, the patient also takes a slight anesthetic injection, as the colonoscopy procedure is considered safe and does not cause any pain to the patient, and the patient will not remember anything that happened with him during the colonoscopy examination, as after the procedure the patient rests for about half an hour to an hour and after that. He can return home, but preferably with a companion.

Are there any side effects after a colonoscopy?
In fact, when performing a colonoscopy, the intestine is filled with air in order to be able to move the scope easily and that makes the abdomen slightly swollen for a while, after the colonoscopy it is necessary to expect gases and air to be removed from the intestine, otherwise there are no side effects as the swelling disappears immediately and The regular bowel rhythm returns so that the patient can have a snack of food.

When does the patient get the results in the colonoscopy procedure?
The results of the colonoscopy procedure are produced immediately, except in the case of taking a sample or a procedure other than the diagnosis through the colonoscopy from the mouth, and it is for a maximum of two weeks.

Reasons for a specialist doctor requesting a colonoscopy from the patient's mouth?
The presence of a complaint from the colon, which the doctor could not reach by scanning, analyzing, or diagnosing it, and because there was a suspicion of colon cancer or benign tumors in the colon (polyps).

Reasons for performing an oral colonoscopy (colonoscopy)?
(Suspicion of a cancerous disease, bleeding, diarrhea or chronic constipation, inflammation, weight loss, anemia) and other reasons that were not mentioned since these reasons are the most important of which are according to the patient's condition and the discretion of the specialist doctor.

Tips for healthy foods after the colonoscopy?
Eating (liquids from herbs and vegetable juices, mashed potatoes, white fish, soup, apples).
And stay away from (seeds, raw vegetables, legumes, fruit peels, spices, fried foods).
To maintain a healthy colon in a normal life, you should eat:
(Fruits, low-fat dairy and cheeses, lean proteins, grains).
And stay away from (smoking, processed meats, fast food meals, eating less sweets).
However, this does not prevent the colon from being examined and diagnosed by performing a colonoscopy at least every five years to maintain its health and ensure the absence of any diseases affecting the colon.

The Isabel Medical Center, located in Istanbul - Turkey, works to treat all diseases and perform surgical and cosmetic operations with an elite of distinguished, highly experienced doctors with an efficient and active medical team and cadre that follows up the patient even after the medical examinations and procedures and they provide all advice and Always consulting with modern technologies and advanced devices, and this is what is considered a colonoscopy procedure at Isabel Medical Center, a routine and simple procedure, as it is considered very easy.

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