Ear aesthetics

The ear is one of the main features of the head that greatly affects a person’s aesthetics and good shape, and some suffer from the protrusion of the ears and their remoteness from the head in a remarkable way, which affects their external appearance. This condition is known as the bat ear, and many who suffer from bat ear resort to plastic surgery Permission to completely solve this problem.

What are the reasons that push a person to do ear plastic surgery?
Many people suffer from the protrusion of the ear in a way that may affect their self-confidence, which prompts them to search for the most distinguished center in performing otoplasty, where the ears before the operation are straight outward and far from the skull of the head, which affects the external appearance of the person, and through this The simple operation i.e. "ear aesthetics" can permanently get rid of this problem.

How is otoplasty performed? Does otoplasty leave a mark after the procedure?
Otoplasty is usually done by making a wound behind the ear and removing a piece of skin in the area behind the ear, and then the doctor returns the cartilage to its place, where the cartilage is sutured with fixed sutures, and then the doctor returns the skin through the sutures also, these threads In most cases they dissolve and disappear, and local anesthesia is administered during the operation, but if the otoplasty is performed on a child, it is advisable to perform it under general anesthesia

What is the appropriate age for otoplasty?
Usually signs of a need for ear plastic surgery appear in childhood, as the child's ears protrude in a way that may affect his psychological state greatly and make him vulnerable to bullying by the rest of the children, so if this problem appears in the first six months of a person’s life, parents can treat this problem Without the need to undergo otoplasty or any other procedure, through a compressor on the baby's ears, this problem can be solved completely, and it is up to you that the cartilage at this stage is elastic and highly responsive.
But after the first 6 months of the infant’s life, adjusting the shape of the ear becomes more difficult and cannot be treated with a compressor.
As for the most appropriate age for ear aesthetics, it is preferred before the child enters school, i.e. at the age of four years, in order to avoid the child the state of bullying that he may be exposed to in school by his peers, which may affect the child's psyche in the future.
As for adults, there is no specific age that is recommended or recommended because it is up to the person’s decision and the extent to which this problem affects his life and his coexistence with it. There are those who do not find in the emergence of the ear any problem on his life, but there are those who suffer greatly from the comments of those around him Some people bully the shape of the ear and make the decision to perform an otoplasty.

Is there a difference if a person performs otoplasty when they are young or old?
There is no difference between performing otoplasty when a person is young or old, so in the event that a person performs otoplasty in childhood, the ear will grow naturally as this operation does not affect the growth of the ear if it was done correctly, and the same applies to Adults, the issue of age does not affect the growth of the ear and the success or failure of the operation. Therefore, we advise those who want to perform ear plastic surgery to choose a specialized center and not to rush to choose the center and the surgeon. Here it should be noted that our center "Isabel Center" in Istanbul has performed this operation hundreds of times For more than ten years, relying on the most qualified surgeons in Turkey.

What are the reasons for the emergence of the ear that calls for otoplasty?
Often the ear takes the prominent shape as a result of hereditary factors, such as if the shape of the ear is inherited from the father, mother, or relatives, and it may also be without an apparent reason.

What are the disadvantages of otoplasty?
There is no surgery at all without its drawbacks, as is the case with otoplasty, but these negatives are considered minor and are represented by the following points:
1- Bleeding from the wound resulting from otoplasty.
2- Inflammation in the area of ​​otoplasty.
3- Asymmetry of the ears precisely, but this problem can be completely bypassed when performing the operation for an adult through local anesthesia, as the patient who performs otoplasty during the operation is consulted about the shape of the ear during otoplasty to ensure his satisfaction Total about the result.
But otoplasty does not affect hearing at all, and this is the most important point that makes ear aesthetics a safe process.

What is the length of time for otoplasty?
The duration of otoplasty varies for different people, as the child is not like an adult because of the type of anesthesia that will be performed on the patient, and the response of the bodies to anesthesia varies, but in most cases, otoplasty takes about an hour, that is, about half an hour for each ear.

Does Isabel Center advise its patients to undergo otoplasty?
In the event that otoplasty is to be performed on a child, then our center advises that the operation be performed greatly, because the benefits of the operation on the child's mental health will be great and will protect him from many psychological pressures that children are exposed to greatly, but if the operation is to be performed for an adult, it is not necessary. The maximum, but the decision will be in the person's hand, if the shape of the ears annoys the patient greatly and causes him stress in life, then we advise him to perform the operation as it is a simple process and does not take much time.

Tips before and after the otoplasty procedure:

1- In general anesthesia, you must abstain from food and drink since midnight

2- It is not recommended to leave the hospital before the effect of the anesthesia wears off.

3- If the operation is performed on a child, it is preferable to stay in the hospital for one day.

4- Put a dressing on the wound until it heals for 3 days up to a week.

5- Using some creams to remove the effect of surgery.

Ear augmentation in Turkey:
People often resort to performing otoplasty to get rid of the psychological pressures caused by the shape of their ears, and therefore we recommend performing otoplasty in Turkey with all major factors for several factors, including:
1- The process is very easy and simple.
2- Long experience of Turkish surgeons in general and especially in our center, Isabel Center.
3- The picturesque nature in Turkey, which enables the patient to take a period of recovery and tourism in Turkey.
4- The low cost of the operation compared to the centers in the Arab and European countries.
In the end, we hope you are safe from all harm, and we ask you to contact us by clicking on the WhatsApp button to request a free consultation from the Isabel Medical Center in Turkey, and you are well.

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