Face lift and Chin lift

What are the types of facial plastic surgery?
There are many special operations for face aesthetics, and we mention in the lower third of the face the face-lift, neck lift, neck liposuction, and mid-face lift.

Why do some people resort to a facelift or a face-lift?
This occurs due to the progress of a person with age and the appearance of signs of aging through the wrinkles that appear first in the upper third of the head and then in the middle third and then in the lower third, and these signs appear in the last third due to its formation of skin, subcutaneous fat and muscles in The left and right sides are fat under the muscles, in other words, the plastic surgeon makes the decision to have surgery, botox injections or liposuction from the face, depending on the cause of the signs of aging in each person separately. If the cause is fat and its clumping, the surgeon performs liposuction , And if the cause is relaxation of the facial muscles, then the doctor injects botox into the muscles, but if the cause is an increase in the skin, fat accumulation and sagging in the muscles, then it hurts the doctor to make a surgery decision to address this problem.

How is a facelift performed?
The face-lift operation is considered a non-simple process. The neck muscle, then the skin is placed, stretched, and the excess skin removed, and these are the brief steps for a face-lift.
It is also possible to perform a neck lift operation or what is known as a chin lift operation alone without the need to perform the operation with the face.

How is facial liposuction performed?
Facial liposuction is a much simpler process than a face-lift that requires separating the layers of the face to perform it, as the surgeon only makes a small incision at the bottom of the chin to perform liposuction.

How is a facelift done on the middle side?
The face-lift operation in the middle area is not considered a simple operation, the surgeon makes an incision in front of the ear to be able to tighten the skin through sutures and remove the excess skin.

How is the lower eyelid lift procedure performed?
The lower eyelid lift operation is done by making a wound in the eye socket, meaning that the wound is under the eye, then the tissues in the cheek are raised to the top, and then the surgeon makes stitches to stabilize the skin and tighten it, this process is also known as mid-face lift.

How can I choose the most suitable type of operation for me?
A person cannot choose a specific type of plastic surgery, where the patient visits the doctor and puts his problem to him, and through this visit the doctor determines the problem of his patient and the desired result of the operation, and the reason for this is the patient’s inability to estimate the cause of the sagging on his face. If the cause is excess fat, excess skin, muscle relaxation, or the previous causes combined, so the decision and type of operation cannot be made until after the doctor examines the case.

Risks of botox injection in the face:
It is important before you undergo any plastic surgery that you choose a well-known medical center with experience in the field of cosmetology and not pay attention to medical centers that offer generous and delicious offers without taking the safety and professional aspect into account. It is possible for a plastic surgeon with little experience to commit some mistakes that lead to negative results in The results of the cosmetic operation, such as if he injects an excessive amount of Botox, for example, which leads to the emergence of a condition known as Frozen Face, or frozen face, in which the patient loses his facial expressions as a result of the excessive amount of Botox used.

Face-lift and chin lift operation in Turkey:
Turkey in general and Istanbul has always been famous for its plastic surgeries in general, as these operations were distinguished in Turkey due to their low costs and the quality of their results globally, as the operations in Turkey were characterized by the techniques used that are comparable to the techniques used in both the United States and Europe, while The costs of these operations in Turkey do not exceed half of what they cost in the United States and Europe, and Turkey was distinguished by the beauty of its nature and the distinctive tourism in its cities, and the image of visitors to Turkey with the intention of medical tourism is hardly absent from the memory of everyone who traveled and used the airports of Istanbul.
We are pleased at Isabel Medical Center to provide all treatment and tourism services to our patients, and we promise our visitors the desired results, which are provided to each patient through free consultation and before coming to Turkey, where you are informed of all the visit details, treatment steps and expected results, to contact the Isabel Center, you can click on the icon WhatsApp at the bottom of the screen and request a free consultation, and our medical team will contact you as soon as possible and provide the necessary advice, hoping for your safety.

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