Heart valve operation

Before starting the process of heart valves, one must know what the heart valves are, as they are passages through which blood passes to and from the heart in one direction, and the number of heart valves is four, and the heart consists of two sides (right, left), where on the right side there is a valve The heart, which is known as (the tricuspid valve, and the pulmonary valve) and on the left side are the heart valve (the mitral valve or as it is called the mitral valve) and the heart valve (the aorta), where they are the valves or doors for blood to pass through in a very regular way in the heart and have each of These valves in the heart have functions and tasks and may be exposed to diseases or factors that affect their work and may cause them to stop, as any symptoms that the patient notices must be detected and the doctor who specializes in heart valve surgery is told that one of the most important symptoms of heart valves is that the patient suffers from a narrow Breathing while walking and sports and here it is necessary to see a doctor to make the necessary tests, and here there may be a valve or two that may be in trouble.

What are the Symptoms of heart valves?
Symptoms and problems with the heart valves may occur, but they may not be revealed until after some time. The symptoms include the following:
1- Abnormal sound in a stethoscope who specializes in heart valve surgery.
2- Fatigue or exhaustion accompanied by shortness of breath.
3- Chest pain with flatulence.
4- Dizziness and fainting with tachycardia.

The reasons that may lead to the stop of the heart valve?
1- Congenital from birth.
2- Getting old (age).
3- Infections or infections affecting the heart.
4- Psychological state and exhaustion.
5- The presence of some diseases such as (blood pressure - sugar - cholesterol - fat).

And the diagnosis is usually made when the patient feels any of the symptoms or problems with the heart or the heart valve, first visiting the patient and then starting with the clinical examination with a stethoscope trying to hear any abnormal sound, then moving to the ECG and electrocardiogram and may resort to examination Through X-rays or special sports exercises in order to check the heart's effort and cardiac catheterization, as there are two problems that may occur in the heart valves, either (narrowing or leakage), and here the specialist may resort to depending on the patient's condition, either with treatment or surgery, and in most cases they are Surgery is the most appropriate solution, especially with the development of modern technologies in heart surgery and heart valves. The surgical procedure is either restoration, repair or replacement.

And the mitral heart valve diseases are (narrowing or regurgitation) where the normal valve closes in the work of the blood muscle and here it is not closed well and causes regurgitation and one of the most common symptoms of the mitral heart valve is shortness of breath with tachycardia.
The aortic heart valve is composed of three valves, and some people have two balconies, and this is what is said about a congenital disease or from birth, and here the symptoms are in narrowing or reflux with calcification and the months of diseases are (rheumatic fever and valve erosion with age) and Add to the symptoms chest pain with shortness of breath.
And the triple heart valve, which is located on the right side of the heart muscle and separates the right atrium from the right ventricle, and afflicts diseases such as narrowing and its symptoms, swelling of the body, especially the lower and liver.
And the last valve is the pulmonary heart valve. The most famous disease is that of the narrowing and most of what affects the young, and in some patients it is eroded and non-existent, and the most popular treatment for the pulmonary valve is by balloon expansion.

What are the alternative heart valves and their types?
The types of artificial valves in heart valves are either (metallic or tissue), where metal heart valves are designed from metal and are solid and durable, and this is what distinguishes them, except that they are considered not natural. Anticoagulants must be used, and tissue heart valves are closer. Because it is made of natural tissues and does not cause heart problems, and its patient is not required to use and take anticoagulant drugs, but it is less durable and strong than metal valves, the period of time for it that lasts is only 15 years, and if the heart valve was done It is replaced by a surgeon who specializes in heart valves with an industrial quality, so the patient must take fluids for life, and in the event that the heart valve is replaced by a human or biological valve, the period of taking the liquid or anticoagulant materials will be from three months to six months only.
And in the heart valve operation, after the preparations stage of the patient's stopping smoking for a period and informing the doctor specialized in heart valve surgery of all the medicines that the patient takes to the analyzes and tests and to determine what and the type of heart valve operation that the specialist doctor uses in heart valve surgery after measuring The condition of the patient, the disorder in which he is, and the extent of his physical health, where the doctor ultimately resort to:
Heart valve repair: If it is possible to repair the damaged heart valve by removing tissue that has become excess or gates that impede the work of the heart valve, and if it is difficult to repair the heart valve, the doctor specializing in heart valve surgery will resort to the heart valve replacement stage, where here the heart valve has reached A stage that is difficult to restore, where the surgeon specializing in heart valve surgery removes the valve tissue and replaces it according to the patient, as we mentioned previously, from an artificial heart valve (mechanical or human or tissue valve), and after the operation performed by the doctor who specializes in heart valves, he recommends With specific instructions from:
Taking certain medications regularly, following a diet and exercising continuously, in addition to quitting smoking and leaving the bad habit that may affect the heart or heart valves badly and relaxation and away from the worries of life and problems that cause psychological tension.

And endoscopic heart valve operation is considered one of the modern and advanced methods and it is also one of the methods that is safer than traditional surgery and is suitable for old people who have other diseases that may burden them as the endoscopic heart valve operation is characterized by a very small incision in the chest and equipped with a 3D camera that allows The doctor can see a different and very clear technique, in addition to the smallness of the surgical tools in it, and this is what makes the patient have the ability to recover quickly. The endoscopic heart valve operation is also an easy and quick process and does not cause any infection or side effects.

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