Hip joint replacement

Hip joint replacement:
What is a hip replacement?
To begin with, let us agree that both hip replacement or hip joint replacement are names for one operation, as for the medical explanation for this operation, it is the change of the head of the thigh bone in addition to the pelvic bone that articulates with the head of the thigh bone, which is the pelvic joint.
The pelvic joint helps the circular movement in a wide range, meaning that the person mainly needs it in his daily movement, and the increase in friction of this joint for anyone, the progression of his condition and the increase in pain during movement leads to the necessity of performing a hip replacement operation, so that the person can return to his normal life without pain.

When do I need a hip replacement?
The patient needs to perform a hip replacement operation or a thigh joint replacement when there is a high degree of erosion in the joint itself, which causes him very severe pain, and the erosion of the hip joint affects the walking and movement process of the affected person, and the erosion of the hip joint may be from more than one side In some cases, which requires more than one surgical intervention, but the positive aspect in this matter is that the patient with osteoarthritis of the thigh joint will return to his normal life and fully recover after completing the operation.

Types of hip replacement surgery:
1- Partial hip joint replacement: Usually, in this operation, the head of the thigh bone is replaced, and it is the result of fractures in the elderly, so any operation of fixation of this fracture does not give good results, and this places the blood supply to the head of the thigh bone dangerously, which calls for a partial replacement For the hip joint, which is called half a joint, which is the best solution for this type of problem, and it avoids the elderly falling into other problems in the future.

2- Complete hip joint replacement: In these cases, the joint is completely damaged as a result of friction, in this case the joint is completely damaged and it is not possible to cut the metallic change with the head of the thigh bone or the bone of the pelvic plate, so the hip joint is completely changed to provide a normal life Far from the patient's pain.

How to prepare for a hip replacement?
We advise the siblings who are about to undergo hip replacement to follow the following tips so that they can bypass the period after the operation easily and in less time:
1- Physical preparations:
Smokers are advised to refrain from smoking before and after surgery, because smoking affects blood circulation and the speed of tissue healing, which reduces the speed of the patient's recovery from surgery.
Try to use crutches before surgery so that after surgery he can control them more easily.
Reducing excess weight as much as possible by walking, swimming or dieting.
2- Environmental preparations:
The presence of a relative or friend next to the patient after hip replacement to help him move around and meet his special needs.
Removing carpeting or electrical cords that may hinder the patient's movement after the operation.
The height of the bed and chairs in the house should be more than 50 cm in order for him to sit up and stand easily.
Buying some supplies such as a walker and acquiring a net that can be fixed on it so that he can carry things and carry them with his movement through the walker.
Use a fixed chair while showering so that the patient does not have to stand for the duration of the shower and to avoid the risk of falling.

After hip replacement surgery:
The Isabel Center offers you the following tips to ensure a successful hip replacement:
1- Leaving a space between each of the injured leg and the other leg, and not placing one leg over the other, because that may cause a joint dislocation.
2- We encourage the patient to move from the next day to complete the joint replacement process, of course we are aware that this will cause pain to the patient, but we advise him to try to place as much weight as possible on the joint during the walking process while taking the walker to his side to ensure that he does not fall while walking.
3- Avoid staying in bed and not moving, because that may cause, God forbid, deep venous clots.
4- We recommend some physical therapy exercises to strengthen the muscles.

What is the benefit of hip replacement surgery?
1- Everyone who suffers from hip joint pain is fully aware of the amount of rest that he will get when the joint pain is gone, so it can be said that the greatest benefit is in returning a person to his normal life without pain.
2- Movement naturally. After the operation, the patient can walk and go about his daily life normally.

Hip joint operation in Turkey:
It is no secret to anyone these days that Turkey is progressing in the medical field significantly, and Turkey has gained this wide fame in both Europe, the Arab world and Russia as a natural result of the advantages it offers that are not enjoyed collectively by any other countries, including:
1- Modern Medical Hospitals:
And before the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, Turkey built many new medical centers throughout Turkey, especially in Istanbul, where it established the famous medical city in the Basaksehir region, which contains rare specialties and very modern equipment that is significantly advanced than its competitors.
2- Treatment cost and quality of medical services:
Turkey provides medical services in complex types of operations that many people do not dare to risk conducting in a place they do not trust, but Turkey, as a result of the increasing demand for more than 30 years, has become containing cadres that match their experience and knowledge to their European counterparts and surpass many of them as well, On top of that, Turkey provides these services at very small costs compared to it from Western countries. The operation in the West may cost $ 10,000, while in Turkey it can do the same operation and in the best medical centers for only $ 5,000.
3- Climate and Tourism:
People wishing to conduct any type of operation in Turkey can take advantage of the diverse nature in Turkey and conduct memorable tourism at very low costs.

In conclusion, we wish you continued health and wellness and do not hesitate to contact the Isabel Medical Center to inquire about any health problems and their treatment in Turkey.

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