Infertility treatment

Many married persons want to have children quickly after the stage of marriage or after the passage of a year or two or a certain period that the spouses agree upon, but the shock is when making the decision and trying to no avail and discovering the existence of problems with one of the spouses, which has become known as (sterility) and It may cause embarrassment to some people, but there are reasons and factors that prevent childbearing for one of the spouses, and with the development of modern medicine, solutions have become available in treating infertility and the presence of IVF operations, all you have to do is recognize the symptoms and visit the medical center early to ensure the success of infertility treatment and even IVF operation, which is located at Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul - Turkey.

What are the causes of male infertility?
The main reason is in the semen examination, and if it was the first time that the patient examined himself, the examination should be repeated after two months, and if the first examination or problems matched with the second examination, then the matter was confirmed that it was abnormal, and the reasons may come from childhood, being in childhood Age biography is exposed to future problems, including:
1- Immigrant testicle (in the event of a small hernia operation).
2- While exercising (an accidental blow on the testicles).
3- High temperature.
4- A chronic virus or disease.
5- Medicines affecting the number and shape of sperm.
6- Weak sperm.
7- The presence of varicose veins affecting the life of the sperm.
8- Enlargement of the blood vessels around the testicle (leading to a disorder).
9- Family history (hereditary).
10 - Taking large amounts of chemical drugs.
11- bacterial infection of the reproductive system (such as prostate).
12- Tight clothes.
13- Obesity.
14- Smoking and drinking alcohol.
And the reasons may also be from the wife also for the same reasons mentioned previously. Problems with ovulation or the uterus may also be caused by contraceptive pills that are taken in an irregular way or congenital problems in the uterine cavity and even late age and old age, in addition to her hormones, and there is a very common problem. It is the ovarian cyst and delaying the period also has an important role, and therefore when diagnosing and visiting a specialist doctor, it is required that both spouses come, especially for the first visit.

How is the diagnosis made and the man known if he is infertile?
By clinical examination first if something abnormal is noticed, but in most cases the doctor only knows through tests and takes a sample of semen through the laboratory, as the laboratory measures the number of sperms and the amount of fluid and counting the large-shaped animals that should not be It exceeds 40% and the percentage of hormones present, with knowledge of the patient's medical history, in addition to testicular biopsy and ultrasound.

Some may ask about the contraceptive pill that it causes infertility, but where modern pills confirm the unhealthiness of the fact that they contain few hormones and it is possible to use them in women of sound health, but it is preferable not to take them at the beginning of the marriage period and rely on other types of contraindications as it is possible to delay pregnancy For a while after you stop taking these pills.

What are the methods of treating infertility?
With the development of science and medicine, there are many types of infertility treatments, and they have varied from treating infections to treating problems that may be in sexual intercourse (when having sex) and even through medication and hormonal treatments in addition to surgery, but the specializations have evolved until other techniques have come to assist in reproduction. Like IVF.

But before talking about IVF and how to resort to IVF, we will talk about the symptoms that when they occur, it is possible for a person to know if he has what is known (infertility) as many people do not know that they need infertility treatment or that they are sterile until after marriage and who These symptoms:
1- Problems during sexual intercourse (erectile dysfunction, ejaculation, or low semen).
2- Difficulty in smelling and frequent respiratory infection.
3- Swelling, redness, or even pain in the testicle or near the testicle.
4- Abnormal breast growth.
These are some of the important symptoms that we mentioned, and other symptoms may come that are not noticeable or differ from person to person.

IVF is resorted to after the spouses lose hope for a normal childbirth and their desire to have children. Even in other cases, it may be such as the woman’s aging or there are damage to her or fertility problems in the woman. The IVF process is in stages, which are:
1- Ovarian stimulation or stimulation.
2- Withdrawal and collection of mature eggs from the ovary.
3- Fertilization and insemination by sperm.
4- The transfer process (the fertilized egg into the uterus).
These stages of the IVF process may take a period of time and the amount of about three weeks, depending on the situation that the doctor specializes in treating infertility and IVF operations.

What is the success rate of the IVF procedure, and does the IVF baby also come sterile?
With the development of modern medicine and advanced technologies, we say that the success rate of IVF is great, but according to the condition of each patient and according to her age, and it is never required that the IVF comes sterile.

What is the difference between IVF and ICSI babies and normal babies?
The ICSI process involves injecting each egg in an individual form with a single sperm. As for the IVF process, the sperm must penetrate it naturally, and in normal children the child’s growth is normal and the aforementioned is in the laboratory under the supervision of specialized doctors.

The Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul offers infertility treatment and all types of infertility with IVF operations, giving the most important health advice and medical treatments to patients, and providing all consultations and discussions with patients within a medical staff consisting of doctors, specialist surgeons and highly qualified nurses, in addition to techniques Modern and sophisticated in Isabel Medical Center (Istanbul - Turkey).

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