Many spouses or grooms want to have early or after a certain period of marriage, and some may be surprised by the inability to conceive, and 15 percent of married couples may have problems related to fertility or the inability to conceive, so they resort to solutions and treatments Other because fertility problems and infertility have become widespread, but with the development of modern medicine and the availability of modern technologies and advanced devices, there are many solutions and treatments available until medicine reached the IVF process, which is considered a one-day process as it is called Where the patient can go out on the same day from the medical center or hospital or even the laboratory in which the IVF process is performed and practice her life normally, so that the sex of the fetus can be determined in the IVF process by diagnosing pre-pregnancy genetics, but despite this process sometimes it is not The results give the embryos of the same sex required, and when the cells multiply by the sperm inside the egg, it is possible to know the sex of the fetus.

When is the use of IVF process?
In the event that the woman is old and has not had childbearing, she resorts to an IVF procedure, even if she has problems or blockages in the tubes or even an infection in the endometrium, and if the husband has fertility problems and reproductive problems, the resort is made. To the IVF process.

What is the success rate of IVF and the success factors?
The IVF process differs from one woman to another, but the most important of it is if the woman or mother is at a young age less than the age of forty years, the percentage is high, and if the ovarian stock has a large number in order to increase the chances of pregnancy and the presented woman must be In vitro fertilization, to have a healthy weight and less than 80 kilos, and in the event that she had a previous pregnancy, the success rate would be more than a woman who had not had a pregnancy at all and suffers infertility.

What should be done after the IVF operation is the commitment of the woman to take the stabilizers, whether they are pills or needles, and for a period of 14 days, not exerting any effort, lifting heavy weights, and not having intercourse, and after this period, the analyzes are repeated, a positive blood analysis is done, and a satisfactory result is achieved in the IVF child. And where the IVF process is defined as in which an egg is extracted from the ovaries of a woman who wants to have children and a sample of her husband's sperm is selected to be the best choice, and then the doctor who specializes in IVF procedures performs IVF and in cases that are outside the womb.

What are the types of techniques in IVF operations?
1- The technique of injecting the sperm into the egg is one of the IVF procedures.
2- What is also known as assisted hatching technique.
3- The technique of transferring kametes or gametes through the fallopian tube.
4- Transfer of the fertilized egg to the fallopian tube.
5- The technique of preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

What are the causes of infertility ?
First in men:
Most of the factors come from a young age, as childhood in the life history is exposed to future problems, including:
1- Accidentally hit while playing a sport.
2- A high temperature or illness.
3- Excessive weight, smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages, in addition to wearing tight clothes.
4- Chemical drugs that may affect the testicle.
Secondly for women:
The previously mentioned reasons for the man are also important in addition to the problems with ovulation or the uterus may also be caused by the contraceptive pills taken in an irregular manner or congenital problems in the uterine cavity and even late age and old age, in addition to her hormones, and there is a very common problem and It is the ovarian cyst and delayed period has an important role as well.
Therefore, here, doctors who specialize in IVF procedures are advised to come to the doctor's office for both spouses at the beginning of treatment or initial examination.

How is infertility treatment?
With the development of modern medicine with advanced technologies, there are many types of infertility treatments, and there are many types of infertility treatments, from treating infections to treating problems that may be in sexual intercourse (when having sex) and even through drugs and hormonal treatments in addition to the subject of surgery, but the specializations developed until it reached other techniques. Assisted reproduction, such as IVF.

Stages of the IVF process?
Monitoring the maturation of the egg inside the ovary and then the stage of activation of the ovaries through stimulating drugs and monitoring these eggs to determine the size of the useful eggs, so that the third stage is the withdrawal of eggs from the ovaries under a small surgical work and examined in the laboratory for the use of successful eggs in the IVF process, and then the role of preparing the stage Sperm is collected by the man and collected in a laboratory container by the specialist doctor and the embryo is obtained in most of the IVF procedures on the fifth day and the embryos are transferred to the mother's womb through a thin laboratory tube that passes through the cervix to the inner uterine cavity, which is considered one of the last stages IVF process.

How is IVF performed?
The IVF procedure is performed under the supervision of a doctor who specializes in IVF operations, and by using medicines and minor surgical procedures in order to help sperm fertilize the egg and place it in the uterus after it is fertilized. In IVF, the doctor who specializes in IVF operations removes the egg from the body and in the laboratory mixes it with the sperm, and then puts it in the uterus immediately and we say that the pregnancy process or the occurrence of pregnancy and the operations of IVF may take several months sometimes to Guarantee success.

What is the success rate of the IVF process, and does the IVF baby also come sterile?
With the development of modern medicine and advanced technologies, we say that the success rate of IVF is great, but according to the condition of each patient and according to her age, and it is never required that the IVF comes sterile.

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