Kidney transplant

Renal failure is considered one of the most dangerous common diseases today, until many people have died in this disease, which is known as kidney failure, as it is a deterioration in both kidneys and the inability to perform functions in the body, which results in the accumulation of waste and fluid accumulation and signs of kidney failure appear. But with the development of science and technology, solutions for kidney disease have evolved from treatments and others, such as the kidney transplant process or the installation of an artificial kidney, but we will know a little about kidney disease and its symptoms before starting the operations of installing the kidney.

Symptoms of kidney failure?
It differs from one patient to another, and specialized doctors rely on medical examinations and analyzes, the most important of which is urinalysis, but among the signs and symptoms of kidney failure:
(Excessive fatigue, itchy skin, swelling, anemia, back pain, changes in urine level, bad breath)
Finally, we say that kidney disease has become easy to treat and according to each kidney case, from treatment or kidney transplantation and organ transplantation.
What are the types of kidney transplants?
1- Living donor kidney transplant.
2- Kidney transplantation from a deceased donor.
3- Preventive kidney transplantation (before kidney failure occurs, but with symptoms of kidney disease).
4- The industrial college installation process.

Kidney transplant?
In regular kidney transplantation operations, it is performed through a kidney donor from a healthy person after the tests and analyzes are conducted for both the sick and the donor and after confirming the outcome of the compatibility, and the donor may be a deceased person. The placement of the peaceful kidney in the process of installing the kidney with its connection to the blood vessels, arteries and the bladder, and its location differs from the original site to facilitate its handling of health problems that may occur, and then the incision is closed with a medical cosmetic work and it does not appear that there is a kidney transplant.

Is there a specific age for the patient and if he is eligible for an organ (kidney) transplant?
In fact, there is no upper age limit in kidney transplantation operations, as it may come in some cases in a way that may save the patient from death, and this is what makes him eligible also except in the presence of exceptional cases determined by the specialist doctors after examinations and analyzes of kidney transplantation.

What are the risks of a kidney transplant?
In fact, like a kidney transplant, there are no risks unless the kidney patient has:
1- A heart patient.
2- Addicted to alcohol.
3- He has another serious illness (such as cancer).
4- In the event that he is elderly and in his health, you cannot afford to perform medical operations, and this is what is determined by the specialist kidney transplant doctor.

How long does a kidney transplant take?
Kidney transplantation is one of the safe and easy operations, but the installation of the kidney is a very delicate process and it may take from an hour to four hours of time depending on each kidney patient's case.

What is an industrial college?
Doctors and scientists have reached an industrial college that can be connected to the bladder on one side and to the blood vessels on the other hand, and one of its advantages is that it filters a liter of blood within one minute of time and that is because it contains a coordinated and large set of filters made of silicone and tubes Lined with developed human cells, they filter toxins from the body as if they were real kidneys that perform their basic function in the human body to the fullest.

After a kidney transplant?
Recovery and monitoring should be done in the hospital after the process of installing the kidney from three days to a week, and for the specialist doctors to carry out periodic examinations and analyzes during this period to evaluate the process of transplantation of organs (kidneys) and then after achieving the desired results in kidney transplantation, the patient goes home and this This does not mean that he will not perform analyzes and examinations afterwards to ensure the progress and success of the kidney transplantation process, and he follows a diet program in addition to some medicines required to be used for a period by the specialist doctor and not to practice hard work until the results are completed and after that the patient can return to his normal life After the kidney fitting operation successfully.

Can a patient exercise after a kidney transplant?
In fact, after the patient has completed the recovery period from the process of installing the kidneys, he must exercise continuously and within a permanent regime to maintain energy and increase strength in the body.

And here we have to say that the organ transplantation (kidney transplantation or the installation of the kidney) has become easy and simple and safe operations guaranteed to succeed, provided that you follow the steps of the specialist doctor, but before embarking on the kidney transplantation process, you must ask about the specialized medical center in which the patient will perform an operation The structure of the kidney and how many types and operations of the kidneys have been performed, and have they achieved impressive successes without any side effects or failures, and then compare the results of the center with another medical center, and is there a follow-up by the center after the kidney transplantation through an experienced and competent medical staff, this In addition to making sure of the available modern technologies, especially in organ transplantation (kidney transplantation), with the presence of specialized doctors and people with high experience with a good reputation and a good history in the field of college installation and kidney diseases, such as the Isabel Medical Center located in Istanbul, from Turkey, which has become Known for its long experience in medical and cosmetic surgeries until it gained the title of the state of medical tourism and the most important characteristic of it excellent doctors and the prices below the average of any country in the world in addition to experience and tourism When you contact the Isabel Center, it will present you the best now Sayeh on the medical and cosmetic level, especially in organ transplantation (kidney transplantation).

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