Ligament tearing process

Today, many people suffer from what is described as a torn ligament, which is a painful condition, but what is a ligament? What is the rupture of ligaments? What are the symptoms of torn ligaments? What is the treatment for torn ligaments? We will provide the answer to all these questions and more in this article.

What is meant by laces?
The ligament, in its medical description, is a body made up of strong tissues that grasps the organs or parts surrounding the joint, and this is what distinguishes it from the tendon, which is the muscle end that grasps the muscle, and the function of the ligaments in the body is to stabilize the organs.
What does the word torn ligaments mean medically?

What are the causes of torn ligaments?
There are many causes that lead to a rupture of ligaments in the body, it may be the result of wrong movements or sudden movements that cause the victim to fall or twist his foot or hand, and sometimes it is a result of a high jump, as these are the most common causes.

What are the symptoms of a torn ligament?
There are many symptoms of ligament rupture, but we will mention the most common symptoms, which are:
1- Noticing bruises on the body around the affected joint.
2- Swelling or swelling in the body around the affected joint.
3- Severe pain in the affected area, specifically around the affected joint.
4- Difficulty moving the affected area.

How is a ligament rupture diagnosed?
When the patient feels pain in the joint area, he will definitely go to the doctor, as this type of pain cannot be tolerated without treatment, it is possible for the doctor to diagnose the condition through a clinical examination in some cases, but to be reassured, the doctors will request images, which are either through x-rays. X-ray, or magnetic resonance or ultrasound, depending on the patient's condition and the affected area.

What is the treatment for torn ligaments?
The treatment of a ligament rupture depends on the location and degree of the rupture. Either treatment is by resting, raising the injured limb, applying ice, and taking some medications to reduce swelling and pain.
On the other hand, however, some ligament rupture injuries require surgical intervention, such as the cruciate ligament problem, in the event that the case is a complete tear or a cruciate ligament break, then we need to re-implant this ligament and not re-stitch the ligament itself, and the new ligament is taken from the patient’s own body and is done It was placed in the anatomical way in which the old ligament was located.

Which organs in the body are prone to torn ligaments?
Ligament rupture can occur in several places of the body, as it is not limited to the ankle or knee, it can occur in the shoulder, wrist or elbow area, any joint in the body may be subject to a ligament rupture.

What first aid should I take for someone who suffers from a torn ligament?
People with torn ligaments are advised to take the following measures as first aid:
1- Try not to move the affected area and take a break, and if the injury is in the lower extremities, we advise the patient not to try to walk.
2- Use cold compresses and put them on the affected area for 20 minutes every two hours.
3- Leaving the affected member raised by using soft materials such as a pillow, for example.

What medications can be used by people with torn ligaments?
If your doctor finds a mild injury, he will often give you mild painkillers without the need for additional procedures, but in the end it is necessary to see a doctor when you are exposed to these cases and not underestimate them.

Ligament tear surgery:
The decision to perform surgery in cases of ligament rupture is not made unless there is a complete tear of the ligament or a ligament break, in this case the operation is an inevitable necessity, and the operation is done by replacing the torn ligament with another new ligament, where the new ligament is taken from the body of the injured himself. And the new ligament is placed in the same anatomical way that the old ligament was located, and in the event that you want to perform the operation, we recommend that you contact our Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul / Turkey, as our center is distinguished by the medical team with long experience in treating injuries and cases of torn ligaments And by using the latest medical equipment and imaging devices such as magnetic resonance imaging, x-rays and ultrasound waves, we also guarantee to our patients the reasonable cost, which is not comparable to the cost requested by European hospitals that do not provide better service at all.

Reasons to see a doctor:
We recommend that you see a doctor who specializes in treating torn ligaments if the following symptoms occur:
1- Increasing swelling in the affected area over time.
2- High body temperature and fever.
3- Feeling of numbness around a joint or in the affected area.
4- Feeling of discomfort in the joint area or deformity in its area.
5- Loss of the ability to walk or stop on the feet if the injury is in the lower extremities.
We wish you safety, asking God Almighty for good health and wellness, and we ask you not to hesitate to send any questions or inquiries via WhatsApp by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen, and you are well.

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