The process of liposuction or removal of belly fat has become a major development where the introduction of laser and the latest big breakthrough and liposuction with Vaser and also became known as body sculpting operations, which is a very simple, safe and suitable procedure for those who have excessive obesity and fat accumulated in the body and at the level of The abdomen, especially as it aims at liposuction from the abdomen, and for the patient to obtain a slim, sculpted body, and a healthy, athletic body as it was before.

Qualified in liposuction procedures?
Those who are obese and have increased fatty accumulations, and they have elastic and elastic skin, and those who have reached the age of forty years, and who do not have chronic or serious diseases, and in exceptional cases, those who have reached the stage of 18 years of age are preferred.

What do liposuction procedures leave behind?
It is a suction inside the abdomen and works on a small laparoscopic opening in the abdomen that is (1 or 2) mm, and after the recovery period it does not leave a trace at all.

Can patients with pressure or diabetes get abdominal liposuction?
Yes, patients with hypertension and diabetes can undergo an operation to remove abdominal fat, provided that their disease is controlled and fixed, non-volatile and controlled.

What is Vaser liposuction?
Initially, Vaser liposuction is decided upon in consultation with the specialist doctor and the patient, as he performs it through local anesthesia for the patient and it is possible to apply general anesthesia in the event that the patient feels fear, and make a small surgical incision that does not exceed some millimeters to insert two needles one to enter a saline solution that works Increase the layer of fat to be suctioned out or remove and numb the area, and the second needle is the vaser injection that emits sound waves and gives the command to dissolve the fat and break it up completely to turn into liquid and is suctioned and withdrawn, so that the specialist doctor withdraws the injection and closes the surgical incision.
How long does Vaser liposuction take and what are the target areas of the body?
Vaser liposuction can be done in all areas of the body, and each liposuction session takes about 40 minutes.

What are the advantages of Vaser liposuction?
1- Local anesthesia is what makes it a completely safe medical action.
2- Stimulate the collagen in the body to prevent the occurrence of sagging, growths and tightening of the skin.
3- Liposuction in a way that prevents cellulite from reappearing.
4- A process that does not take long to prevent the appearance of fat cells again.
5- It reduces the incidence of infections and keeps blood vessels away from liposuction in the abdomen, and this is also what makes it a completely safe procedure.

Do fat cells return after liposuction?
In fact, it cannot be completely dispensed with, but it ends at 80% and will not return at all, and even it is important not to withdraw large quantities from the patient’s body to avoid the risks in liposuction operations, as the recommendations of the specialist must be adhered to.

After Vaser liposuction and its results?
It is necessary to rest for a period of between one and two weeks according to the doctor’s instructions, as it is possible for the doctor to use a hose to remove and leak fluids from the body, adhere to a diet, practice walking, and wear the prescribed medical corset for a period of at least six weeks.
And the results of Vaser liposuction are quickly and apparent, and it gives the patient a lustrous and sculpted figure like a celebrity.

What do you know about laser liposuction?
Where laser liposuction is considered a non-surgical procedure, and it does not even require a general anesthesia, but rather a device is used to launch a laser beam, and then it breaks up the subcutaneous fat layer and so that the laser tightens the skin naturally.

Does the laser device replace the traditional abdominal liposuction in liposuction procedures?
In fact, laser liposuction device is not suitable for people with obesity, and this means that it does not replace the traditional abdominal fat removal device, and then it is possible to move to a laser liposuction device, where it melts the remaining fat residues, irritates collagen layers, arranges the skin layers and tightens it. .

Procedures to be taken before embarking on liposuction procedures?
Before performing the abdominal fat removal surgery, a good medical center must be chosen and a discussion with the responsible doctor about the mechanism used and appropriate for the patient with the results and inform the patient to the specialist doctor about all diseases and medications he is taking, and this is except for abstaining from smoking before a long period of time and avoiding medication That causes blood fluidity, such as aspirin and vitamin E, while adhering to what the specialist requires.

Is it possible to do a second medical procedure with liposuction?
Yes, it is a tightening of the abdomen and breasts, but in the event that the doctor decides that it is suitable for the patient.

Tips after liposuction procedures?
1- Drinking fluids in sufficient quantities and avoiding soft drinks and stimulants (drinking more water).
2- Eat foods that do not contain fats and fats, and eat vegetables and fruits.
3- Using creams and moisturizers prescribed by the doctor, in addition to adhering to wearing a medical corset according to the doctor’s instructions.
4- Maintaining the medication intake and the diet followed by the specialist.
5- When indicating itching and when necessary, use antihistamines.
6- Keeping away from the sun during the first period.
7- Doing various sports gradually after the recovery period, starting with walking.

At the end, we advise everyone who wants to do liposuction and remove abdominal fat, either through vaser liposuction or laser liposuction, he must consider and choose the appropriate medical center and a highly reputable and well-known specialist doctor, in addition to the distinguished and follow-up medical staff even after the procedure Abdominal liposuction, such as our Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul - Turkey.

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