Liver transplant

The liver in the human body is one of the most important organs of the human body, and it is also considered a member of the digestive system, and one of its characteristics is that it is red-brown in color and weighs about one and a half kilograms and has a major role in ridding the body of toxins in addition to that it plays a large and effective role In the process of metabolism that takes place in and inside the human body, proteins (blood plasma) are synthesized, which is a center for glycogen.

Types of liver failure disease?
There are two types of liver failure, acute and chronic (cirrhosis).
Cirrhosis, i.e. problems occurred in the liver cells and were treated, but when they returned to work, they were not the same as before.
Acute, in which the treatment may be difficult, which may cause the patient to need a liver transplant.

Symptoms of liver failure?
But before we talk about the symptoms of liver failure, we will know that liver failure is a disease that results from a sharp drop in the functioning of the liver in the body resulting from damage to this organ, and liver failure is known as cirrhosis, which is a rapidly developing disease that may lead to death and liver failure. Some also know it as liver syndrome. And the symptoms of liver failure when they appear should not be neglected as it is a rapid disease and begins with cirrhosis and makes the patient feel weak and weak even in the symptoms of liver failure. The patient also feels nauseous and becomes loss of appetite with yellowing of the face and also causes muscle atrophy, and one of the most dangerous symptoms Liver failure The patient suffers from bleeding from esophageal varices, and this causes the patient to vomit blood and it is one of the most dangerous symptoms of liver failure due to the occurrence of portal hypertension, and when the patient reaches this stage, he suffers from flatulence in the abdomen, which makes him impede breathing and movement As a result of fluid accumulation in the abdomen, the patient develops sleep disturbances, loss of consciousness, confusion, and tremors as a result of hepatic encephalopathy due to the body's secretion of toxic substances that it cannot get rid of and may develop peritoneum (autoinflammation), and finally a symptom of liver failure Itching spreads all over the human body The patient suffers from liver failure, as it causes in women to stop or irregular menstruation, and the chest size in women becomes small (breasts) with significant weight loss for both men and women.
Some may ask that the symptoms of liver failure are many, and we say that there are other symptoms that were not mentioned as well, and this is what makes the liver very important in the human body and the majority of the body’s organs depend on it, as it performs many functions in the body.

What are the causes that lead to liver failure?
1- Excessive drinking of alcohol and wine.
2 - Infection with the hepatitis virus leads to liver failure, which is transmitted through another patient with the infection.
3- Infection of the bile ducts with gallbladder obstruction.
4- The occurrence of primary biliary cirrhosis.
5- Infections of the sclerosing bile ducts.
6- Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.
7- Congenital diseases.
8- Hemochromatosis causes liver failure.

Liver transplant?
There is a very sophisticated process in the process of liver transplantation, which is through the robot, where the doctor's main hand does not stick to the patient and does not even use gloves, since it is basically away from the patient by a distance of five meters and the fact that the doctor gives orders with both hands to the robot directly to apply to the patient Where the robot consists of three main parts, firstly the control, which is the mobile device that the surgeon sits on and controls the robot through it, and here we know that the robot is used only as a tool to perform the operation and not to perform the surgery alone, but rather by the actions of the specialist doctor and his orders, secondly The second device that is present on the patient and consists of four arms that are equipped with different tools, according to the surgery required and specified by the doctor specializing in liver transplantation. Third, the electrical unit that is equipped with gas and oxygen to work and the movement of the connection between the control and the robot.

The benefit of liver transplant by robot?
One of the advantages of liver transplantation via robots is the great accuracy and effective results, as there is a big difference between it and the regular binoculars of the camera, which enlarges up to ten times, and this is what facilitates the vision of small and fine objects greatly, and most importantly, three-dimensional imaging, and this is what gives the surgeon as if In the place of the operation by itself, the operation ends unlike others without any major wound, but rather four small incisions that are closed by a cosmetic work and are almost invisible and do not cause any pain after the operation, and the patient can move after the operation and practice his normal life so that he can eat and He drinks on the same day.

Donate a liver?
In fact, when the liver is injured and stops (liver failure), the liver transplantation process must be the only solution for treatment, as it is a dangerous process, but with the development of modern science and technology we say that it has become easy to do and achieve good and satisfactory results in it, it is a procedure The liver is replaced by a healthy liver from a deceased donor, or it may be part of the liver from a healthy, living donor, and donors undergo many procedures and tests to find out if they have the health and the exact specifications of the sick person in addition to analyzes that the sick person also performs in liver transplantation from For the compatibility of the process has.

How does a person protect himself from liver failure?
There are a lot of advice that should be followed in the symptoms of liver failure so that they do not occur with humans and cause liver failure, but we will highlight and mention the following:
1- Stay away from alcohol and drinking alcohol, especially if there is the beginning of cirrhosis in the liver.
2- Commitment to healthy, organized food (vegetables, fruits and meat).
3- Reducing fatty foods.
4- Maintaining a healthy weight, and in the event of obesity, follow diet and exercise.
5- Having unprotected sex.
6- Taking previously used needles on another person and using them by the person or even blades.

Science has developed greatly, especially in the modern medical field, as modern and advanced technologies are available that make any difficult and dangerous surgical work easy to perform and perform with the best possible results, but this does not prevent the patient from inquiring about a specialist doctor and a reputable surgeon Al-Hasana with an advanced medical center and a distinguished staff member such as Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul.

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