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When people get older or in certain cases, the human skin flabs and the skin weakens, especially the neck skin in the body to form fats and deposits that make the person older than his age and may affect his life negatively and with this discussion we explain some things about the neck plastic surgery - lift the neck .

Is there a specific age for neck plastic surgery?
In fact, neck aesthetics or neck lift surgery does not have a specific age, but a person may do it at an early and young age, and that is after the slimming process or losing a large body weight and it is possible to do neck plastic surgery at an old and advanced age And that is according to the existing sagging and its quantity.

What is the age that people resort to in neck plastic surgery?
Usually it is over the age of thirty or forty, and depending on the type of skin and the amount of sagging and increase in the skin.

Does neck plastic surgery involve a second cosmetic work?
Yes, it is possible to do neck aesthetics with liposuction if the patient has an increase in fat mass in the same area.

What are the factors that make the neck need a neck lift or neck lift?
1- Old age.
2- Weight loss.
3- Depression and sadness.
4- Dehydration.
And this is what makes the only treatment is a neck lift or neck lift.

What are the methods that plasticists resort to in neck and neck lift surgery?
Modern and innovative technologies have abounded in plastic surgery, as plastic surgeons resort to surgery by suction and stretching in addition to laser treatment, which subject the patient to reducing tumors and not showing signs of cosmetic work in the neck.

How is neck aesthetics and neck lift performed?
With anesthesia first and then through small wounds starting from the ear and back in a noticeable and prominent way, until reaching all areas of the neck and until the neck is released from any excess fat in it and the sediments are removed, then the neck is tightened and restored with the lower chin area And the restructuring of the underlying muscles, and the closure of the incisions, to bring the patient to an integrated aesthetic view, and any medical and surgical actions are not noticeable on him.

How much does a neck lift and lift surgery take?
The process of facelift and facelift takes an amount of time, depending on the patient’s condition, and it ranges from two to three hours.

How long is the rest and recovery period after neck lift and neck lift surgery?
The rest period is from a week to ten days as a maximum, where at first there are some bruises and swelling resulting from the neck lift operation or the neck may tend to blue with some swelling, and there are cases that you may feel some slight pain.

What are the steps taken for the patient after performing a neck plastic surgery?
Take a rest period of not less than a week and at bedtime you should sleep lying on the head, in addition to keeping away from the sun's rays and avoiding strenuous exercise, with no shower for a period of at least five days.

What are the advantages of a neck lift or neck lift?
1- Tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles.
2- It gives strength and firmness to the skin.
3- It removes the excess fat and raises the flabby skin to give the person a more beautiful and vibrant appearance.
4- Its results are considered normal.
5- Neck lift and neck lift surgery is a safe procedure.
6- It gives the patient great self-confidence.

What are the disadvantages of neck aesthetics?
It is possible in some cases for patients when they perform a neck facelift and lift, when the operation is completed and during the recovery period, some blood collects under the neck, which makes the specialist doctor put a temporary tube to drain the excess blood and drain it so that it does not collect under the neck.

When can the patient go about his usual business after neck surgery?
A person can return to his normal life after a neck lift and neck lift operation, after ten days at least, as the pain and tumors have subsided, and results began to appear.

When do results begin to appear in neck plastic surgery?
When the neck facelift is performed and the first week of the recovery period is over, results begin to appear when the tumors subside and disappear until the third week by eighty percent and finally to be completed at the end of the sixth week.
But there are some medical advice that the patient must follow or know to make the neck lift and lift surgery successful and achieve the desired results for him, such as:
1- Knowing the specialist doctor.
2- Does the doctor have experience and are authorized for such cosmetic operations (neck aesthetics)?
3- Medical center staff and follow-up after neck surgery and neck lift.
4- Providing medical instructions continuously.
5- Psychological comfort between the patient and the specialist doctor and reassurance.
6- Discussing with the specialist doctor the procedures and results of neck plastic surgery.
7- Informing the doctor of all chronic diseases, with skin diseases, if any.
8- Stay away from blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin.
9- Avoid smoking before and after neck surgery for a long period of time.
10- Perform blood tests.

Who are the people who can do neck lift surgery?
Neck plastic surgery can be performed by everyone who is:
1- They have loose and flabby skin.
2- They have wrinkles around the neck.
3- They want a youthful appearance and no signs of aging.
4- They have excess fat and neck skin.
5- Those who have undergone a slimming process or have lost weight.

In summary, neck plastic surgery is an easy and simple procedure that gives a youthful and vibrant appearance. To ensure the success of the cosmetic procedure, it is recommended to perform it in a center equipped with modern technologies and a distinguished medical staff, in addition to specialist doctors and specialists such as Isabel Medical Center.

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