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The open heart surgery is a frightening process when a person hears it and causes him confusion, and when he mentions even he may change the features of the face and become confused because it is known as a process in which the chest is cut in order to reach the heart, but in this modern era and what advanced medicine has reached In our lifetime, open heart surgery has become a routine and traditional procedure in heart surgery, as it has become possible to make a small opening not exceeding 3 cm in the chest and to perform the open heart operation to the fullest by introducing modern and advanced technologies, and we provide some even previously in the open heart surgery The heart is not excreted from the body.

And where the open heart operation is known by using the heart and lung artificial machine during surgery and we repeat again the heart is not extracted from the body, it will be by making a small side incision not exceeding 3 cm, and the machine performs the heart function during the operation as the heart is stopped in the process and in the process The open heart is supervised by a cardiac surgeon and anesthesiologist with a team of cardiac machines and two nurses.

How long does an open heart surgery take?
The open heart surgery is considered one of the major operations and the duration of the operation varies according to the type of procedure such as valve change, repair, or arterial repair, etc., but as an average, we say an open heart operation takes from two to five hours only.

Does surgical bleeding occur after open heart surgery?
The percentage is between 2 to 5 percent, but there are therapeutic drugs, and in severe or double cases, it is possible to clean blood clots again through surgery, but with the development of modern techniques in cardiac surgery, bleeding has become rare.

What are the reasons for an open heart surgery?
1- Switch heart valves.
2- Arterial transplantation.
3- Restoration of heart valves that are sagging or also damaged by open heart operations.
4- For those who have heart openings and deformities, in order to close these openings and correct the deformities.
5- Implantation of assistive devices to control heart rate.
6- Heart failure.

What are the types of open heart surgery?
1- Replacing or repairing the valves in the heart.
2- Heart transplantation.
3- Treatment of atrial fibrillation.
4- Coronary artery bypass grafting.
5- Atrial assistant device.

How is the diagnosis in open heart surgery?
The doctor specializing in cardiac surgery talks to the patient about the problem in the heart and previous treatments with mentioning if there is a family history, and in case of other problems such as (diabetes - blood pressure) and conducting laboratory blood analyzes with an EKG, and he may resort to Some cases through sound waves using the technique (oral endoscopy), radiography or magnetic resonance imaging, and if there are any symptoms or problems, the decision is made to conduct the surgery for an open heart operation at an appropriate time and what type is appropriate for this procedure by the specialist in Cardiology surgery.

And the preparation of the patient in the open heart surgery is as follows:
From informing the doctor of all medicines and drugs that the patient is taking and any other diseases he suffers from, in addition to before the open heart surgery, the surgeon specializing in heart surgery requests to stop smoking if the patient is a smoker and to drink any blood-thinning medicines such as aspirin, Also, one day before the open heart surgery, the surgeon specializing in cardiac surgery requests the patient to bathe well with excellent soap quality in order to kill bacteria, reduce the possibility of transmitting infection and stop food before midnight, and the open heart surgery aims to improve blood flow to tissue Cardiomyopathy is important for people with coronary artery disease and hardening of the blood vessels resulting from fat in the walls of blood vessels, as it causes a decrease in blood flow, and open heart surgery is performed through general anesthesia for the patient so that he does not feel anything at all. A period of time between (2 - 5) hours depending on the patient's condition, and the surgeon specializing in cardiac surgery makes a chest incision in which the heart becomes visible and the patient is connected to a blood transfusion device so that the surgeon can perform the surgery and Depending on the patient's condition, surgery is performed to close the incision and end the surgery, open-heart surgery, and after the open-heart surgery ends and the patient wakes up, in some cases, the cardiac surgeon leaves two tubes in the chest in order to drain the surrounding fluids around In other cases, the doctor may place a tube connecting the arm for feeding and another in the bladder in order to empty it, and the patient will stay the first day in the intensive care room to transfer the second day of recovery from (3-8) days, and then home and be home care As follows:
Taking care of the incision, especially when bathing, so that the time of showering does not exceed 10 minutes and with exclusively warm water and not hot, and an attempt may be possible not to direct the water to the chest area, and monitor the wound in the event that it has any symptoms of redness or swelling, and when pain describes A doctor specializing in heart surgery medicine appropriate analgesic drugs for him and forbids drinking liquids containing caffeine, especially in the evening before bedtime, and extreme caution in sleeping and relaxing.

Important advice after open heart surgery?
You must follow many advice provided by the surgeon specializing in cardiac surgery according to the situation of each patient, the most important of which are:
1- Care of the wound and keep it dry and clean.
2- Avoid walking outside the home during the recovery period and walking inside the house only twice a day.
3- Putting a pillow on the chest if you want to sneeze.
4- Not to lift any heavy weights.
5- Adherence to the schedule of medications prescribed by the specialist in cardiac surgery.
6- Seeing the doctor in the event of any symptoms and adhering to his instructions regularly.

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