How does a person notice a problem in the spine?
Regardless of the different problems and names, whether we talk about scoliosis, curvature of the spine, or a curvature of the spine, all these types of problems revolve around one of the most important elements of the body, and people suffering from diseases of the spine are not limited to the working class who makes a great physical effort to earn a living, Princess Eugenie of Britain She was one of the most famous sufferers of spinal diseases, specifically scoliosis, and the following are the most important causes of spinal diseases:
1- Congenital malformations.
2- Muscle diseases.
3- Hereditary diseases.

What is scoliosis?
It is the most famous and most widespread disease of the spine, also known as curvature of the spine. Scoliosis is divided into two parts:
1- Adolescent Scoliosis:
It is the most prevalent, it cannot be said that there is a clear cause for this disease and it is usually noticed on the child or teenager as he grows.
Adolescent Scoliosis Symptoms:
Parents or the surrounding environment notice that one of the shoulders is higher than the other, or a hump is observed in the back, or that one part of the organs is higher than the other when bending forward, or the protrusion of one of the bones of the plate, when these symptoms appear in children or adolescents, is diagnosed Doctors present with adolescent scoliosis. This type of scoliosis is often noticed at the age of ten and twelve years of age.
2- secondary scoliosis:
Secondary scoliosis is the scoliosis resulting from a disease. It is either a congenital defect resulting from genetic causes or the result of cerebral palsy during childbirth or it is due to some tumors in the spine.
Symptoms of secondary scoliosis:
Secondary scoliosis symptoms do not differ from adolescent scoliosis symptoms, as the general feature of this disease is markedly high one shoulder from the other, and the appearance of a hump in the back.
Perhaps the most worrying thing about scoliosis is that its symptoms cannot be noticed in the early period, as these symptoms appear clearly only at the advanced stages of the disease, so it means many elderly people from this disease without knowing that they have it from birth.

What is the curvature of the spine?
Many people do not know that the curvature of the spine is scoliosis itself, and we wanted to clarify that through this question. Many people hear about curvature of the spine without realizing that this problem is the same as scoliosis.

Should scoliosis be treated if detected at birth?
In the event that the problem of spinal curvature resulting at birth is noticed at an early period, this disease must be correctly diagnosed by a specialist, so if the disease is mild in a fixed position that does not grow, this does not need treatment at all, as this curvature will not increase with time But if the curvature is at a point of growth, then the problem must be subjected to treatment, as it is like a tree that grows with a continuous inclination, so this type of case must be subjected to surgeries to treat the curvature of the spine "scoliosis" and the earlier, the better, and here we are pleased Note that Isabel Medical Center has a medical team with high experience in treating orthopedic and spine diseases, including scoliosis or spinal curvature.

Is it necessary to undergo surgery to treat scoliosis, or can it be treated through other methods?
No reader can make a decision in this, because the matter calls for a medical diagnosis, where the specialist can diagnose the condition and notify the patient with the best solution. If you have symptoms of scoliosis, "curvature of the spine", hurry up to contact us at the Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul, but for the benefit we will mention the degrees of injury With scoliosis, there are three different degrees:
1- Mild infection with scoliosis: It is the case in which the angle of curvature does not exceed 20 degrees, and in this case there is no need for any medical intervention, and doctors usually require an X-ray of the affected area every six months to ensure that the condition does not develop.
2- Moderate incidence of scoliosis: In this case, the angle of curvature ranges between 20 degrees and 45 degrees, and teenagers in this case are advised to wear a medical treatment belt through which to prevent the development of this curvature, in addition to practicing certain types of sports movements and Undergo physical therapy, and sport is an important factor in the treatment of scoliosis, as studies have shown that cases who practiced both swimming and running had better results of improvement than other cases.
3- Advanced incidence of scoliosis: It is in the case of bends that extend between 45 degrees and 90 degrees, where surgery in these cases is a necessity and not an option, and cases that do not exceed the 80 degrees are considered to be surgically repaired, up to 100%, but in Cases of scoliosis exceeding 80 degrees, the patient will have to undergo a more accurate operation, with results reaching approximately 80% of the expected surgical repair.
Perhaps the most negative thing about scoliosis is the psychological state that afflicts with back curvature, because this curvature affects the shape of the back or shoulders, which bother people with it in the first place, do not hesitate to ask for any medical advice from our center, let us help you bypass This annoying disease.

What is scoliosis?
Scoliosis is also not different from curvature of the spine than scoliosis. There are many names, but the disease is one. The question was mentioned to clarify this point, no more. Scoliosis is the same as scoliosis.

Is scoliosis caused by wrong practices in sitting or sleeping?
The answer, as you do not expect, is no. Scoliosis is not related to wrong practices in sitting or in the manner and position of sleeping, and this incorrect interpretation is considered one of the common errors in explaining the causes of scoliosis. Of course, this does not mean that sitting for long periods or sleeping in the wrong positions is a healthy thing, but this Causes do not lead to scoliosis.

What are the methods of treating spinal diseases such as scoliosis?
Treatment methods vary according to the disease and the degree of injury, as we mentioned above, there are cases that do not require any medical intervention and are sufficient to exercise and photograph the site of the injury periodically every six months, and cases that require medical belts and physical treatment in addition to sports, and advanced cases that require medical intervention to solve the problem .

Long-term results of spine surgery and treatment of scoliosis:
The surgery is performed in the spine to achieve two basic goals, the first of which is to correct the curvature of the spine by adjusting the curvature between the vertebrae and then fusing the vertebrae with each other, and the second is to ensure that the curvature does not increase and form a threat to the vital body systems, in addition to the fact that this sleep is from Operations are important for a person's mental health and obtaining a normal body, and it is a safe operation. The success rate of the operation is 99%, but surely there is no riskless surgery, as 1% is also present, so you are ultimately exposed to an operation in a place adjacent to the spinal cord.

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