Shoulder dislocation treatment

What is the shoulder made of?
In this text, we will explain the bony structure of the shoulder, where the shoulder girdle consists of the shoulder blade from the back and the collar bone from the front, and the shoulder belt is scientifically called the thoracic belt as well, and the shoulder girdle is in combination with the humerus bone near it, the shoulder bone structure is distinguished, the shoulder joint is distinguished It enjoys the largest range of movement between all the joints of the human body, but this feature also made it more of the joints of the human body subject to the so-called partial dislocation of the shoulder and complete dislocation of the shoulder, as the cases of shoulder dislocation are the most cases of joint dislocation that our center treats, and the scientific reason is due Therefore, the bone on which the shoulder joint is based shines, which facilitates the process of its dislocation and dislocation.

What is a dislocated shoulder?
It is an exit of the shoulder joint from the humerus bone on which it is based as a result of the flatness of the humerus, which explains the fact that the shoulder joint is the most permissive joint in the human body to move, and in the event that the dislocation occurs for the first time, we advise the patient to go directly to the nearest medical center in his vicinity and let the doctors perform an operation Return the joint to its place, and not allow anyone to intervene to return the joint because if the joint returns incorrectly the first time, this will expose the patient to the risk of recurring the joint in the future and damage the tissues surrounding the joint, as this may lead to a fracture of the shoulder bone and turn the position from A minor problem is the need to undergo surgery on the shoulder joint or shoulder bone, and attempting to reconstruct the joint outside medical centers may cause erosion of the thick cartilage that fixes the shoulder joint with the humerus bone.

What are the causes of a dislocated shoulder?
A partial or complete dislocation of the shoulder occurs as a result of traffic accidents, or due to a fall on the shoulder, and it may also occur due to the practice of some types of sports and wrong movements, but in some cases the causes of shoulder dislocation are related to genetic or genetic factors.

What are the symptoms of shoulder injuries?
The symptoms are severe pain in the shoulder as a result of a wrong movement or an accident, as a person cannot suffer from a dislocated shoulder without knowing it, as it is something that occurs as a result of an accident, injury or fall.

What happens after returning the dislocated shoulder to its place?
After doctors restore the shoulder joint to its place in the bone, the hand is immobilized and immobilized for a period that the doctor prescribes for the patient, and then the patient is subjected to an imaging session of the shoulder joint in which the decision is made whether or not to perform an operation for the patient.

What is the treatment for a dislocated shoulder?
To treat the problem of shoulder dislocation, the reasons for the appearance of the dislocation must be known, the patient’s age and medical record. The reasons for the dislocation may be the result of traffic accidents, the victim’s fall, or the softness of the bones. It is also possible that the injured person is young and under the age of 25 years and may be greater than Therefore, these factors determine the optimal treatment method for the patient, but in general, surgery in cases of repeated dislocation is considered a necessity, as this situation may turn into a fracture of the joint or bone, which can be avoided through surgery.
Recent studies also recommend that patients under the age of 25 years be subjected to surgery in the event of a shoulder dislocation from the first time, as this will help them avoid access to repeated shoulder dislocations.

What are the cases that the Isabel Center in Istanbul treats?
1- Rotator cuff tears in the shoulder.
In this case, the shoulder joint loses its connection with the bones due to a break in the tendons that connect it to them, which is either a partial or a complete tear.

2- Frozen shoulder
It is one of the most painful shoulder problems that result from a person’s exposure to a previous operation or a fracture of the shoulder, and a person with frozen shoulder loses the ability to move the shoulder greatly.

3- Recurrent shoulder joint dislocation "shoulder instability"
As we mentioned previously, if the dislocation occurs several times or the dislocation treatment outside the medical centers the first time, this causes erosion of the thick cartilage surrounding the shoulder joint, which basically stabilizes it, making the movement of the joint easier and prone to getting out of place.

4- Shoulder arthroscopy
Surgery is classified as a simple operation, and it is the completion of a surgical task in the joint, such as removing an object in the joint or treating the joint itself, and this operation is done through a small incision.

4- Arthritis of the shoulder
It is a problem that the elderly suffer from in most cases, as with age the cartilage surface surrounding the shoulder joint is consumed, leading to roughness of the smooth surface, which used to give that smooth movement of the joint.

5- Shoulder joint replacement
This operation is usually performed for advanced cases of patients with osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint, where joint roughness reaches advanced stages that cause great pain and difficulty in moving the hand, and it is also performed in some serious accidents, where the old and greatly worn shoulder joint is replaced by a new one that carries out the same tasks. .

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