Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey

Many obese people who suffer from the problem of obesity have become resorting to operations that make their weight healthy and sound, such as (gastric sleeve operation), in order to alleviate their suffering from diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes, pressure and the effects on the heart with Grease and other diseases, except for embarrassment in front of some people and friends, heavy movement, stress and chronic fatigue, and all this affects their lives negatively, especially when they see people with harmonious and beautiful bodies accompanied by abdominal muscles, but by virtue of the nature of their bodies or even illness Or a genetic factor who gained excess weight and obesity, and from here we say that stomach reduction operations have become greatly expanded, especially with the development of medicine and the techniques used, and it has become one of the easy routine procedures, including the gastric sleeve.

Where the gastric sleeve operation is a surgical procedure performed for patients who have obesity in order to reduce their weight to a normal and healthy weight, and what happens in the process of sleeve gastrectomy is a cut from about (70 to 80) percent of the stomach volume and get rid of it completely as that The operation is performed by endoscopy, and it is one of the latest technologies used through small openings accompanied by a 3D camera, and the disposal of part of the hormone that secretes hunger in the stomach, and this is what benefits the patient after the operation of gastric sleeve gastrectomy due to the lack of hunger in him and the size of the stomach is small, which is sufficient for the patient.

What procedures should be done during the sleeve gastrectomy?

In fact, it is necessary to consult with the surgeon who specializes in gastric sleeve operations to know the surgical work that he will perform and the results that the patient achieves with conducting analyzes and laboratory tests to ensure that there is nothing that prevents the progress of the gastric sleeve operation or affects it negatively and to stop smoking for a period and proliferate Drinking fluids before the gastric sleeve operation to prevent constipation after the operation and starting to exercise the body on light exercise before the operation of sleeve gastrectomy to intensify it after the operation of sleeve gastrectomy and maintain a sports body, and in some cases the specialist surgeon may request three days before the operation of sleeve gastrectomy. It is vital to prevent any complications after sleeve gastrectomy.

What are the steps in the process of sleeve gastrectomy?

Beginning with general anesthesia for the patient and sterilization, and secondly with surgery, where the doctor specializing in gastric sleeve operations makes small incisions of about 4 or 5 size and is endoscopic with the introduction of small and precise surgical tools with a high-precision 3D camera and enters the abdomen to allow the doctor to see the abdomen For the patient, where it is connected to a large screen in the operating room, and absolutely harmless gas is pumped into the abdomen, in order to expand the abdomen, so that the doctor can take a good space to perform the sleeve gastrectomy, and then the surgeon who specializes in the operations of sleeve gastrectomy cuts the stomach according to the case The patient was closed, the remaining parts were removed, the small surgical instruments were removed, and the incisions made in the abdomen were closed, and through which the gastric sleeve was performed and dressed.

How long does the gastric bypass surgery take?

In fact, gastric sleeve surgery is completely safe and easy to perform, but depending on the patient's condition it takes about 60 to 90 minutes of time.

What are the results obtained in the process of sleeve gastrectomy?

Firstly, the patient with excessive obesity loses about 60 percent of his weight after the gastric sleeve operation, and secondly during the gastric sleeve operation, the specialized surgeon removes a part of the stomach that is responsible for sorting the hunger hormone, or as it is called (ghrelin), which makes After the gastric sleeve operation, the patient experiences a feeling of less hunger.

What are the most important advantages and advantages of sleeve gastrectomy?

1- Elimination and treatment of many diseases (diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, fat, heart).

2- Gain self-confidence and reduce depression.

3- Helps get rid of infertility problem and restore fertility in sterile men.

4- A fit appearance and a healthy and healthy body.

5- Reduces joint and foot pain.

Are there types in the process of sleeve gastrectomy?

Yes, there are types in the process of sleeve gastrectomy, in the form of two types, and they are:

1- Endoscopic surgery, and we have talked about its steps, and it is considered the best and safer for the patient and reduces the chances of complications for the patient.

2- Regular surgery, which results in a huge incision in the abdomen, and access to the stomach is after the tissue has been removed and takes a longer time.

After the gastric sleeve operation, the patient may need a tummy tuck, especially for those who have lost significant weight and now have sagging in the abdomen, and it is possible for the doctor to use the tightening process simultaneously after the gastric sleeve operation, but according to what he deems appropriate for the patient, being in some cases Exercise eliminates sagging.

Some of the most important advice after the gastric sleeve by a specialist?

1- Recovery and rest for a sufficient period of not less than five days.

2- In the first week, drink only fluids to prevent nausea and vomiting.

3- In the second week, the intensity of drinking fluids, because the patient feels more hungry.

4- Stay away from sweets and sugary drinks, and it is recommended to eat pureed foods and foods that contain vitamins.

5- Exercise regularly and routinely.

6- Follow a diet by the specialist.

7- If there are any pains or complications, contact the physician in charge of the gastric sleeve operation to give the necessary instructions.

Is the gastric sleeve operation dangerous?

So we tell you whoever asks about the gastric sleeve surgery, is excessive and excessive obesity considered dangerous, and the answer is certain yes about what caused the diseases that we have mentioned in the past, but we do not hide that complications may occur after the gastric sleeve operation, which is bleeding, which is treated immediately And in a safe way, depending on the situation, either through treatment or through a small and quick process.

In the end, we say that the gastric sleeve surgery is a valuable opportunity for a person to have a better life and gain self-confidence through agility and effectiveness, and it depends on the medical center that he performs for the patient as a medical center that has specialized and highly skilled doctors and an excellent medical staff, in addition to Modern technologies in it and used in operating rooms, such as Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul - Turkey.

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