Stomach reduction surgery

Many people suffer from the problem of obesity and obesity, as this extreme obesity may negatively affect their lives in many aspects of physical and psychological health and outward appearance, noting that many patients who are overweight adhere to a regular diet with the practice of various sports, but By virtue of the nature of their bodies, or genetic or pathological factors that make their bodies gain obesity and other factors, and for this, some resort to operations that have expanded greatly and abounded, especially in the issue of stomach reduction, where there are many and varied, and we will explain some about stomach reduction operations that are known As a surgery that reduces excess weight.

Why do obese people resort to stomach reduction surgery?
In fact, many obese patients undergo stomach reduction surgery because they suffer from problems such as:
(Cholesterol, blood sugar, pressure, effect on the heart, stroke, other common diseases that affect the health of the body)

What are the types of stomach reduction surgery?
1- Gastric bypass.
2- Cut the stomach.
3- The ring operation to reduce the stomach.
4- Banding the stomach
5- Laparoscopic stomach reduction.
6- stomach balloon.

How to process laparoscopic stomach reduction?
Laparoscopic stomach reduction is considered a surgical procedure that limits the amount of food that the stomach can store and eat through first anesthesia, and then start to reduce the size of the stomach by making small surgical openings in the abdominal wall, where these openings serve as connecting channels for inserting surgical tools Inside the abdomen, and among these tools the insertion of a camera that helps to see clearly inside the stomach and the abdominal cavity, in the laparoscopic stomach reduction process, part of the stomach is isolated longitudinally, using a device such as a stapler, and the isolated part of the stomach is separated and removed, and at this stage it ends The stage for many surgeons, but when the patient deals with a medical center or hospital that has specialized and highly skilled doctors, they provide an additional procedure, which is examining the leakage in the stomach before completing the laparoscopic stomach reduction process, as the specialist performs it by closing the lower gastric outlet and is filled The stomach with a blue liquid to examine the site of the stomach cut using a piece of sterile medical gauze, and if the piece of gauze is colored blue, this means the presence of a leak and the surgeon takes the appropriate decision before the end of the surgery The stomach is not laparoscopic, and if the gauze remains white in color here, the specialized surgeon decides to end the laparoscopic stomach reduction surgery.

How to process the ring to reduce the stomach?
To begin with, we say that the specialized doctors resort to the option of the ring operation to reduce the stomach, and that is because there are patients with whom they did not respond to exercise and follow diets, and the ring operation is to reduce the stomach, or as it is also called, to connect the stomach with general anesthesia first and make a small surgical incision in order to reach For the stomach, it connects and narrows the upper part of the stomach as appropriate, it is adjusted, and here the ring in the ring operation to reduce the stomach is made of rubber and the doctor attaches with it a plastic tube from its position to the surface of the skin in order to control the ring according to the patient’s comfort.

What are the side effects and results of the gastric reduction ring surgery?
After the operation of the stomach reduction ring, some complications may occur to the patient, including nausea and vomiting, which disappear and the results are satisfactory in the operation of the ring to reduce the stomach, where success is achieved for the patient with a decrease in his actual weight by about 40%.

What are the procedures to be taken in the process of reducing stomach?
You must consult with the doctor who specializes in the type of work required in reducing the stomach and is appropriate in addition to the results that the patient achieves, after choosing the appropriate and best medical center, the specialist requests tests and analyzes to ensure that there is no defect that may nullify the procedure of reducing the stomach or affect the work The surgeon, and the specialist doctor asks if the patient is a smoker, stay away and stop smoking long before the stomach reduction surgery, and the specialist advises to drink a lot of fluids before the operation to avoid constipation after the stomach reduction surgery.

Does stomach reduction surgery cause any pain and how long does it take?
The pain after stomach reduction surgery, whether through the ring operation to reduce the stomach or reduce the stomach laparoscopic, pain is not mentioned and it is possible to take some painkillers according to the instructions of the specialist, and the process of reducing the stomach takes about (40 - 120) minutes of time.

Tips after stomach reduction surgery?
Several steps and instructions must be followed after the stomach reduction surgery, which are prescribed by the specialist, such as:
1- A period of recovery and rest for a sufficient period of not less than three days.
2- In the first week of stomach reduction surgery, only fluids should be consumed to prevent nausea and vomiting.
3- In the second week, the intensity of drinking fluids, because the patient feels more hungry.
4- After that, stay away from sweets and sugary drinks, and it is advised to eat pureed foods and foods that contain vitamins.
5- Exercise regularly and routinely.
6- Follow a diet by the specialist.

There are people because of diseases they have that the process of reducing the stomach of all kinds does not work with them, even if the ring operation is to reduce the stomach or reduce the stomach by laparoscopy, and that is due to the impact or risks that they may be exposed to, and here the advice given by the doctor must be taken and his instructions followed and not Pressing him to perform the stomach reduction surgery, and when performing the operation to reduce the stomach, we advise everyone who comes to it to check the medical center and the modern technologies in it and the staff following up after the operation to reduce the stomach, and most importantly, to verify the specialist surgeon and discuss with him and to ensure psychological comfort and We confirm that all these characteristics exist in Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul - Turkey.

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