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The thyroid gland in the human body is a small gland of about 5 cm in the shape of a butterfly under the skin of the neck and as it is said in (Adam's apple) and this is what gives it the shape of a neck tie, and at the same time it is considered one of the largest endocrine glands in the human body as it is possible to feel it The hormones that control the rate of the body's metabolism are secreted and are responsible for many vital functions in the human body (calories, heartbeat, growth, heat, fertility, digestion) and other important functions also in the human body. And when they are enlarged or stopped, the human body falls. In a big dilemma, but it has factors and symptoms that cause this, in addition to the presence of advice and treatment for the thyroid gland with the development of medicine and science, let us know about the thyroid gland and methods of treating the thyroid gland with thyroid symptoms.

Hypothyroidism has two types of disease: an overactive thyroid gland and hypothyroidism.
There are things you should know first about hyperthyroidism and they are:
1- Causes great harm to the human body.
2- Thyroid hormone affects the entire body system.
3- Increase the hormone pumping into the human body when the thyroid gland is overactive, which affects the work of cells in the human body excessively.
4- Difficulty diagnosing hyperthyroidism.
5- Untreated, the thyroid gland may cause many symptoms and problems in the human body.
6- Cause complications in the heart if the thyroid gland is not treated, with high blood pressure.
7- Cause osteoporosis and complete weakness in the body.

Among the most important functions of thyroid hormones:
1- Breathe.
2- Heart rate.
3- Body weight.
4- Muscle strength.
5- Central nervous system.
6- Body temperature.
7- The menstrual cycle in women.
8- The level of cholesterol in the body.
9- Regulating the level of calcium in the blood.

The causes of thyroid activity are:
1- Increase the amount of iodine in the body.
2- Thyroid infections, such as in women during pregnancy or after pregnancy.
3- Radiation therapy.
4- Autoimmune diseases.
5- The effects of other medicines on the body that the patient is taking.
6- Hereditary (from birth or congenital problems).
7- It is possible if there are pituitary diseases.

And in thyroid disease, there are two types of thyroid symptoms, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, where we will first talk about the symptoms of the thyroid gland in the event of its overactive:
1- Anxiety.
2- Nervousness and mood swings.
3- Sweating.
4- Sensitivity to high temperatures.
5- Hyperactivity.
6- Shaking hands.
7- Hair loss.
8- Lack of weight.
9- Irregular menstruation in women is one of the main symptoms of the thyroid gland.
10- Increased appetite.
11- Bulging eyes is sometimes a symptom of the thyroid gland.
And the symptoms of the thyroid gland in the event of a lack of activity:
1- Fatigue and extreme fatigue.
2- Sleep disturbances.
3- Difficulty concentrating.
4- Dryness of the skin and hair.
5- Nails fragility and hair loss.
6- Inability to tolerate cold.
7- Depression.
8- Weight gain.
9 - joint and muscle pain.
10- Increased frequency and bleeding of the menstrual cycle.
11- Slow speech and thickening of the tongue.
12- Complications in heart function are also a symptom of the thyroid gland.
13- Constipation.

In the event that the patient begins to feel that he has one of the symptoms of the thyroid gland and he has some causes of the thyroid gland, he must hurry up and go to the specialist doctor to conduct an examination and diagnosis in order to early detection of thyroid disease, if it is present, and among the methods of diagnosing thyroid disease:
(Clinical examination, laboratory medical analyzes such as blood analysis, making sure of the presence of a family history or disease), and the disease may also result in the elderly or pregnant women, and in the event of early detection of thyroid disease and making sure of its presence, the doctor who specializes in treating it sees here Thyroid gland is the state that the patient has reached and based on expectations, the treatment is adopted and the patient is estimated how to treat the thyroid gland.

How to treat thyroid gland?
Thyroid disease, how great is the symptoms and causes that lead to serious complications in the human body, since the thyroid gland is considered one of the most important basic functions and that it performs many roles and hormones, and how much thyroid treatment is also simple and easy Where according to the patient’s condition, the thyroid patient can be treated by taking alternative medicines that help the thyroid gland work, such as (troxin), anti-thyroid drugs or beta-blockers, and taking iodine according to the evaluation of the patient’s doctor and the patient’s condition in the event of other diseases that he has give side effects And in the event that the disease has reached serious consequences (malignant disease), the specialist may use surgery, which leads to the eradication of the thyroid gland, and in this case the treatment of the thyroid gland results in the patient taking alternative medicines for the thyroid for life.

There are foods that must be eaten to prevent and reduce the incidence of thyroid disease?
All foods that contain iron, calcium, and vitamin D, plus selenium.

Some advice provided by Isabel Medical Center to maintain a healthy thyroid gland?
1- Eat seafood (rich in iodine).
2- Refer to the specialist doctor immediately in the event of symptoms or pain in the neck.
3- Avoid stress when exercising.

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