Treatment of congenital anomalies

Congenital problems or deformities that occur with children and newborns, or congenital anomalies in the fetus may occur as a result of and act for many reasons (a congenital defect, or with the growth of the child, after an accident) and these deformities are created either through genetics or close marriage and other reasons. And among the congenital malformations of the fetus, which is known as the most famous (cleft lip, skull deformity, ear deformities such as bat or protruding and others), but it is always advised that parents and mothers when noticing anything to their children to inform the specialist doctors early so that the treatment can be done in a timely manner. Early and to avoid surgeries, and the specialist's instructions must be adhered to.

What are the types of birth defects in the fetus?
Mild congenital malformations, such as what we mentioned previously (cleft lip), can be controlled and treated through cosmetic surgery.
Moderate congenital malformations, such as the child from birth (Mongolian), and here nothing can be done surgically.
Major congenital malformations that cannot be treated at all and can lead to death in the child, such as (fetus births without a brain).

What are the causes of birth defects in newborns?
1- Cases of malnutrition and lack of vitamins (calcium - folic acid) may cause deformation of the spine and are more frequent in developing and poor countries.
2- Between the first and third months, if a pregnant woman suffers from a high temperature, smallpox disease or measles, it produces and causes birth defects.
3- If the pregnant woman is advanced in age.
4- Excessive use of medical drugs without the advice of a specialist, especially cosmetic.
5- The kinship ratio and relationship between the spouses may affect the fetus and cause birth defects.
6- Chronic diseases such as diabetes, and it may result in many birth defects in the fetus (such as the heart and kidneys).
7- Alcohol abuse or smoking causes a birth defect for the fetus.
8- X-rays (exposure of a pregnant woman to radiation in recent months leads to birth defects in the fetus.
9- Artificial childbearing may increase the risk of birth defects in the fetus.
10- Excessive obesity may lead to a congenital defect or heart disease in the fetus, so a pregnant woman must reduce her weight before thinking about pregnancy.

What are the most important tips and instructions to avoid birth defects in the fetus?
1- Control while controlling chronic diseases in pregnant women, avoiding medications and drugs not prescribed by the specialist, and consuming folic acid with a healthy diet program.
2- Early diagnosis in the event of a congenital defect being treatable while it is in the womb of the pregnant woman.
3- Regular follow-up during pregnancy with a specialist doctor or physician.
4- Doing exercises for pregnant women and taking a break.
5- A pregnant woman should not burden herself with work inside or outside the home.
6- A pregnant woman has taken all the vaccinations she needs during pregnancy.

Can early detection of birth defects in the fetus?
In fact, yes, but according to the case, where there are congenital anomalies that are revealed in the first period of three months of pregnancy and there are congenital abnormalities up to six months so that they can be known during pregnancy, and some of them cannot be detected until after the birth period.

How are congenital anomalies in the fetus treated in case there is a birth defect?
With the development of science, there have been many types of treatments for congenital anomalies in the fetus, some of them can be treated during pregnancy, and some of them are treatment or surgical intervention after pregnancy, but there is another type of congenital anomalies in the fetus that can cause the child a long-term disability or life-long or Unfortunately, even death.
And among the list of treatments we mention:
In the beginning, medicines and drugs, where it is possible to prescribe medicines for the mother for treatment in the first period before childbirth in order to reduce the possibility of infection, and in the event of childbirth there are treatments through medicines also for the fetus.
Secondly, we mention the medical or cosmetic surgical work according to the case of congenital anomalies in the fetus, but it may be with certain age periods, according to what the specialist instructs, so that it is possible to surgery and treat a congenital defect such as a problem in the heart of the fetus.
And finally, home remedies in the event of a congenital defect, especially in the areas of bathing, food and feeding, with care and adherence to the form and guidance followed by the specialist.

Modern medicine has developed greatly and is not worried in the event of adherence to the instructions and instructions of specialized doctors, especially doctors interested in treating and treating congenital anomalies in newborns, and we advise everyone who has a congenital defect to choose the best medical center, especially with children's issues. Specialized in their treatment of congenital anomalies and for the family of the child or fetus to make sure that the medical center is distinguished from modern technologies and the specialized and trained staff in modern medical treatments in addition to specialized doctors such as our Isabel Medical Center located in Istanbul, Turkey, the state of medical tourism and the country that has come to know With its development and distinguished medical specialization.

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