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Many people suffer from the problem of obesity (obesity) and in fact also those who become afraid to do diet or adhere to certain diets or even liposuction and not even any interest in losing weight, because after seeing patients who have lost excess weight in some way and have become Excess skin makes their bodies not beautiful and consistent, but we say to everyone who is submitted to losing weight. Today, different and varied tummy tuck operations that make bodies, especially the abdomen after weight loss, are beautiful and the abdominal muscles are wonderful and tight, and we explain all this to you in our simple definition About tummy tuck.

What is tummy tuck, why is it used, and for whom?
People resort to abdominoplasty after losing a large amount of (10-20) kg and have sagging in the abdomen, wall, and in case of weak abdominal muscles, and tummy tuck surgery is also used for women after childbirth and people who resorted to operations Liposuction, some perform a tummy tuck operation in order to remove excess skin after losing weight or because of skin sagging for any reason, as this excess skin does not disappear except in a tummy tuck only, and the specialist doctor may even resort to repairing the abdominal wall when surgery Tummy tuck is if the patient lost a lot of weight or if the patient had more than one birth.

Does tummy tuck prevent women from getting pregnant and giving birth again?
The abdominoplasty does not affect women in terms of the possibility of pregnancy again and childbirth, but before performing a tummy tuck surgery for women, specialist doctors advise that they have ended their pregnancy and do not want to have children again, and that the process is not repeated.

Can a woman undergo a tummy tuck after a cesarean delivery?
In fact, many doctors prefer not to have a tummy tuck, for several reasons, including: body hormones are high, muscles separate, the uterus is high, and others, and after about five months, the best timing is possible in the event that a woman wants to do a tummy tuck.

Does the wound disappear after a tummy tuck?
It should not be said in the abdominoplasty that the wound disappears, but we say that it is improving, and after using creams and the advice of specialist doctors within a period of not less than six months, the effects of the wound will disappear and it will become difficult to see easily.

Is tummy tuck dangerous?
Abdominoplasty is not considered a dangerous operation at all, because the abdomen in the body consists of successive layers of skin.
And under the skin fat, and under it the muscles, and the process is within a small distance between the skin and the muscles.

What are the most important tips before a tummy tuck?
One of the most important advice for a tummy tuck after finding the right doctor, you must discuss with him all the details and results after the operation and what must be done before the operation, and listen to him in the event that the specialist doctor requests before a tummy tuck operation to lose some weight in order to obtain A real and guaranteed result, and even after childbirth, we recommend that after a period of time to achieve desired results in a tummy tuck.

Is tummy tuck a treatment for obesity and overweight?
In the event that the patient suffers from obesity, he must lose weight until a tummy tuck procedure is performed for him and this is the answer that the tummy tuck operation only tightens the sagging and skin appendages after losing weight, as the specialist doctor tightens the skin and gets rid of the excess skin and some Fat in addition to tightening muscles.

What are the types of tummy tuck operations?
There is a complete abdominoplasty, the wound is longer than a partial tummy tuck, the navel does not move, the appendages under the navel in the abdomen are removed, the abdominal wall repair is performed, the abdomen is tightened from the lower chest with the muscle wall completely restored and a new place for the navel is opened.
As for the partial tummy tuck, removing the excess fat and tightening the soft skin under the navel.

How long does a tummy tuck operation take and is the patient anesthetized?
Abdominoplasty takes about two to three hours depending on the condition of each patient, and the anesthesia is complete or according to the patient's condition. Partial anesthesia can be around the abdomen.

What are the guidelines that must be taken before starting a tummy tuck?
1- Discussing with the doctor the type of tummy tuck the patient will have.
2- Expectations of results after a tummy tuck.
3- Avoid smoking.
4- Commitment to the analyzes and photos required by the specialist before the abdominoplasty.
5- A notice to the specialist doctor about all the medicines used by the patient.
6- Doctors usually recommend drinking more water before abdominoplasty.

What are the steps of a tummy tuck?
In the beginning the anesthesia is and then the surgeon makes a surgical incision over the pubic area according to the type of operation, and another incision around the navel to then raise the layers of skin and excess fat to the top of the abdominal wall with tightening the abdominal muscles, and make a new position for the navel that is suitable for it with Tighten the abdomen in a new shape.

What are the side effects after a tummy tuck?
The side effects of a tummy tuck are like any cosmetic or surgical procedure, from slight pain, swelling and slight redness, which are removed with mild analgesics and creams prescribed by the specialist doctor with a commitment to sterilization and change the dressings continuously, while adhering to the prescribed medicines and instructions by the doctor The specialist, and it is possible that a mild infection will occur and it is one of the rare cases that will disappear according to the doctor's instructions.
After a tummy tuck?
1- After performing a tummy tuck, the patient will most likely stay for 48 hours in the hospital for observation, after which he can go home.
2- Follow the doctor’s instructions and instructions and commit to wearing the medical corset for the period of time set by the specialist doctor.
3- It is possible to shower after a period of time of 24 hours, but pay close attention to the place of surgery and dry it well with clean, sterile towels.
4- Taking care of the wound and massaging it well with the creams prescribed by the doctor.
5- It is possible to perform work after a period of two weeks, but without exhausting the body, until the end of the month after the abdominoplasty procedure.
6- It is possible to do light sports after two weeks and return to any type of exercise after two months.
The results of a tummy tuck will appear after an eight-week period, and all the abdomen becomes in a better position than before.

Finally, we advise and say that everyone who wants to undergo a tummy tuck should submit to a discussion with the specialist doctor and make sure of the techniques used in the medical center and that he has a good reputation like Isabel Medical Center in Turkey.

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