Varicocele treatment

Varicocele is especially for men, and some may suffer from the problem of varicose veins - testicle, where it is considered a health problem that affects fertility and is defined as an enlarged and unaccustomed expansion of the body or scrotum, and in other words an abnormal group of interconnected veins present in the scrotum, And when this problem occurs in a varicocele, it can block blood flow to the parts of the reproductive system, causing the blood to accumulate and swell up in veins in the scrotum and cause (varicocele) and result in problems with physical health, body temperature and sperm production, but with The development of medicine The treatment of varicocele is easy to achieve at Isabel Medical Center.

And it must be known that the scrotum located outside the cavity of the human body is connected to the veins and nerves within a tube, and the average width of the scrotum is about 2.5 cm and the length is about 7 cm, and there is a variation from one person to another in that the right testicle is greater than the left testicle or the location of the left testicle. Below the right testicle, and the scrotum is located outside the body in order to maintain the temperature, as it must be lower than the body temperature, as the cyst expands in the summer and shrinks in the winter in an orderly way to preserve heat.
Varicocele disease arises due to enlargement of the veins passing through the scrotum, enlarging with a defect in their valves, and the function of the valves is to regulate the passage of blood in the testicles, and varicocele disease also arises by 85% in the left testicle.

What is the incidence of varicocele?
The rate of occurrence in men is about 20% and appears between the age of 13 to 30 years, due to the rapid growth of the testicle during this period, and its rare appearance after the age of forty years, and most cases appear on the left side, but this does not prevent it from occurring Right-sided varicocele.

Causes of varicocele and enlarged veins in it?
1- Lack of movement in the patient.
2- Weight gain.
3- Chronic constipation.
4- Wearing tight clothes is one of the most important causes of varicocele occurrence.
5- Weakness in the immune genetic wall.
6- Delaying pregnancy and childbearing after marriage is one of the important symptoms in varicocele, but its incidence is low.
And the problem of varicocele may appear in many young people by 15 percent, but they do not suffer from symptoms, and some of them may be sensitive to the symptoms of varicocele and varicocele patients may be suffering from them from a young age, it may affect masculinity and the large size of the testicles, and a lot of what is afraid The occurrence of a varicocele caused it to be sterile, but this is not a sure possibility in the event of early detection and treatment.
How to diagnose a varicocele?
The diagnosis is in the detection of varicoceles by visiting the doctor while the patient is standing and depends on looking and feeling the testicles and assessing the size and weight. The doctor who specializes in treating varicocele may resort to making sound waves on the testicles to find out the flow of blood and determine the veins in which a problem is causing Varicocele .

What complications may a varicocele cause?
1- Intense pain.
2- Infertility.
3- Affecting testicular functions and reducing male characteristics.

What are the symptoms of varicose veins?
It should be known at the outset that 65 percent of patients with varicocele disease do not have symptoms and do not know that they have a varicocele, and it is discovered by chance or during a medical examination, and the symptoms of varicose veins cause:
1- Pain, and it may be severe pain in the scrotum or varicocele region, it may be sharp pain or the patient feels heavy, and the pain increases in the varicocele when standing or when exerting effort in the human body and with the passage of time in the day, and it becomes less or less Pain in a varicocele when the patient lies on his back.
2- A tumor or enlargement in one of the testicles.
3- Swelling of the scrotum.
4- Dilation or twisting of the scrotum.
5- Infertility and lack of fertility.
6- High temperature in the testicle area.
7- The presence of a foreign body in the testicle area.

How is a varicocele treated?
In many cases it is not treated, but the patient follows some precautions from avoiding high heat and wearing tight clothes, but in the event of complications such as the influence of reproductive ability and this is determined by the semen or severe pain, the doctor may resort to laparoscopic surgery and surgical work, In some cases it may be hormone therapy.

Varicose veins process (testicular varicose veins)?
The patient must abstain from eating and drinking before the varicocele operation for at least six hours, and there is more than one surgery, and the beginning is in general (total) anesthesia in the majority of cases, and then with regular or traditional surgery, the specialist surgeon reaches the varicose veins through The thigh, using ultrasound and microscopes, closes the affected veins and directs blood to the healthy veins, and there is laparoscopic surgery through a small incision in the abdomen. The doctor enters an endoscope equipped with a camera with small surgical tools and the procedures are the same as the traditional operation in varicocele, and embolization by Skin and this procedure is the least common and uses a tube or catheter in which the doctor uses x-rays.

After a varicocele operation?
You must rest on the first day from the effects of anesthesia and the pain of the operation, and you can practice a normal life the next day, but it is forbidden to practice intimate relationship with the wife for a period of not less than ten days and to exercise also for a period of not less than a month in order to ensure healing of the wound and to ensure recovery. And follow the instructions and instructions of the specialist.

The most important means of prevention to avoid varicocele?
1- Following a healthy and sound lifestyle.
2- Avoid wearing tight clothes.
3- Not to excessive masturbation.
4- Avoid high heat.
5- Drink fluids a lot.
6- Doing sports.
7- Not to exaggerate the practice of masturbation.

We always recommend any disease early detection and not neglecting to visit the specialist doctor, and as we have promised you at the Isabel Medical Center in Istanbul - Turkey, to provide all medical and health advice for the human body. We provide all treatments with a distinguished medical team of specialized doctors and modern and advanced medical techniques in addition to To the nurses who follow after treatment and during the recovery period until a full recovery is complete. Do not feel hesitant to consult the Isabel Center at all. All you have to do is call and visit us.

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